According to official news from CETC, on January 4, the RFID UHF chips developed by China CETC Network Communication Research Institute have been delivered to users one after another.uhf technology chip

These chips are the first radio frequency identification chips in China that fully complies with specific standards. They have been successfully applied in the signage system, providing security for personal information identification and related information storage. You should continue reading if you want to learn more about the UHF technology and RFID UHF chips.

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What Categories Exist for RFID Application Frequency?

In order to understand the UHF tags, you need to understand the application frequency classification of RFID. RFID is divided into low frequency (LF), HF (HF), UHHF (UHF) and microwave (MW) according to different application frequencies. 

The corresponding representative frequencies are: low frequency below 135 KHz, high frequency 13.56MHz, UHF 860M-960 MHz, and microwave 2.4G-5.8G respectively.

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What are the Applications of UHF Technology in the Market?

At present, the actual RFID application is mainly low frequency and high frequency products, and UHF tags are mainly used in mobile vehicle identification, supply chain management, warehousing and logistics application, production line automation management, aviation and railway parcel management, container management, etc.

China UHF RFID is widely used in the field of shoes and clothing, accounting for more than 60%, followed by retail in shopping malls and supermarkets, accounting for about 18%. Newbega company undertakes production of various UHF RFID labels. Newbega, a professional RFID products supplier for 20+ years, has extensive experience in this industry, welcome to inquire us.

Compared with the traditional HF RFID of 13.56MHz, UHF RFID reader reads and writes farther away, can be read at the same time, and can achieve multiple functions. According to IDTechEx survey, China is the main producer of UHF RFID tags, accounting for the production capacity of about 80% of the world, but the customers are mainly foreign brands, and the application scale of UHF RFID tags in China is small.

Analysis of UHF RFID Patterns

According to Forward Business and Intelligence’s analysis of the competitive landscape of China’s UHF RFID industry, at present, the representative enterprise of the first echelon of China’s UHF RFID industry is Invengo, which is China’s first listed company in the RFID industry.

It is currently and basically completed the entire industrial chain layout of the RFID industry, the products are exported to foreign countries; the representative enterprises of the second echelon in the industry include MicroID Technology, Silion, and Newbega, which already have a relatively rich product line, and the scope of marketing layout is mostly in China; the third echelon enterprises are other small and medium-sized UHF RFID product providers.

From the perspective of listed companies in the UHF RFID industry, Invengo has the most extensive business layout. Its business layout is mainly in South China and East China in China, and it is also exported to overseas; other listed companies except Invengo, its most of the revenue is domestic. From the perspective of business competitiveness, Invengo UHF RFID products have abundant industry solutions, and the enterprise has strong competitiveness.

Summary and Outlook

According to CETC, the chip has made numerous original technological advancements in baseband, radio frequency, memory, etc. and has outperformed competing products in terms of sensitivity, reliability, and other metrics.

This implies that the RFID industry will kick off a new wave of technological advancement and greatly expand the range of applications for UHF tech. The UHF radio frequency identification tags made by the Newbega firm are well-known both domestically and internationally. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have this request.

(News content comes from EE Times China)

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