Customers who are tired of packing their own items will not even have to resort to a traditional cashier in the future, thanks to RFID technology, which allows customers to pay while shopping without going through a cashier or using a self-service checkout machine:

At Uniqlo, shoppers can place their items in the checkout locker, click start, and be out the door with their items in 30 seconds.


Amazon wants to expand an alternative RFID checkout experience that reduces the point-of-sale process. “Our goal is for customers to come into the store, get what they need, and then leave the store with their credit card,” an Amazon employee said.

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Advantages of Using RFID

The first benefit of using RFID technology is convenience as time will be saved by avoiding long queues and it creates a more seamless shopping experience.


RFID is also more accurate, can store more information than barcodes, and provides greater reliability, reducing the chance of errors or incorrect scanning.

The technology is also more secure against shoplifting and fraud because they can be detected by RFID readers.

Employees can also remove items from the store without payment if the items have been tampered with or damaged.

Finally, RFID tags reduce the need for paper and plastic, eliminating the need for printed receipts, labels and packaging.

Some stores currently testing or using RFID self-checkout are Amazon Go, Spanish brand One, Walmart and Uniqlo.

The technology is also being used to improve inventory management and customer service in some stores. Walmart, meanwhile, is using RFID technology to track items and defects as customers scan their own products with smartphones. The system also uses audio sensors to detect scanning and bagging sounds, alerting staff if items are missing.

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The implementation of smart stores has been well received by customers and merchants. On the one hand, merchants have reduced operating costs. On the other hand, customers can also check out and pay quickly without any further steps. This also greatly shortens the time spent on paying orders.

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