With mounting public pressure to ban straws, plastic bags, and other plastic single-use products, many hoteliers, which consume vast amounts of single-use plastics that end up as landfill, are looking for alternative options in line with their budgetary constraints and customer expectations.

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They need to find substitutes that perform in much the same way as existing solutions.

Now manufacturer Made by Oomph is tackling another challenge — plastic hotel key cards — with the launch of a plastic-free hotel key card alternative. The key cards are made entirely from wood fibre and fully biodegradable. The no-lamination construction is chlorine free and tested to be recyclable.

Waterproof and with similar performance to plastic, the FSC approved paper key card works with major door lock manufacturers using contactless RFID and magnetic stripe technology.

Made by Oomph previously designed, manufactured and distributed custom-printed plastic cards to global hotel chains including Travelodge, Fairmont and Accor. The company also recently introduced key cards made from 60% recycled plastic.

Of course, mobile keyless access solutions, which combine RFID locks operable with mobile devices through Bluetooth Low Energy technology, eliminate the need for any key cards, plastic or otherwise. While these solutions have been gathering steam in recent years, some guests will invariable prefer a physical key card they can stick in their purse, pocket or wallet. For them, the new wood fibre option would seem to serve as an environmentally friendly solution.

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What is the Wood Card?

A wood card is a card made of wood, typically used for business cards, wedding invitations, and other specialty cards. wood cards are eco-friendly and sustainable, and they can provide a unique and aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional paper cards.

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wood cards can be made from various types of wood, such as bamboo, birch, cherry, maple, and walnut. They can also be customized with different shapes, designs, and finishes, such as engraving, embossing, laser cutting, and printing. wood cards are durable and long-lasting, and they can make a memorable impression on the people who receive them.

As people pay more and more attention to the concept of environmental protection, hotel managers are beginning to tend to use wooden cards as access cards. Newbega company is an old wood card manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience in the industry , if you need, you can click the envelope on the right to get in touch with us.

Wood Card Promotes the Development of Environmental Protection Cause

An increasing number of hotels are using wall dispensers, reducing shampoo, conditioner, and body cream miniatures, which also results in significant cost savings. One visible effort that is being made to require hotels to get rid of these single-use plastic products can be in the form of a bill that is currently working its way through the California state legislature. Assembly Bill 1162, if passed, will ban hotels across California from providing guests with any amenities in small plastic bottles by January 1, 2023.

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Some major hotel brands, including Marriott International, have already take action as part of their own sustainability initiatives. Shower and sink dispensers have been implemented at more than 500 Marriott hotels in North America. As a result, according to a company spokesperson, the average-sized Marriott Hotel with 140 rooms eliminates more than 23,000 small bottles, which translates into more than 250 pounds of less plastic waste per year.

Summary and Outlook

As people pay more and more attention to environmental protection, the application fields of wooden cards are becoming more and more extensive. In the future, with the continuous advancement and innovation of technology, the wooden card will have more excellent performance and wider application fields. For example, wooden cards can be used in smart cards, electronic payment and other fields, so as to better promote the development of digitization and intelligence.

Newbega company is an old manufacturer of wooden card products. The products produced have international certification qualifications. If you are a buyer who needs wooden cards as business cards or access control, please click the green button below to get in touch with us. We We will serve you wholeheartedly.

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