NFC RFID Anti-Metal Tag

Product Description
Anti-metal tag is an electronic tag encapsulated with a special antimagnetic absorbing material, which technically solves the problem that the tag can not be attached to the metal surface. The product can be waterproof, acid-proof, alkali-proof and collision-proof, and can be used outdoors.

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1. Product Name: NFC RFID Anti-Metal Tag
2. Dimension: Diameter23/25/30mm, 20*20mm, 30*30mm, 35*35mm, 45*45mm (customizable)
3. Material: PVC+ Anti-metal
4. Protocol: ISO 18000-6C
5. Frequency: 13.56MHz
6. Chip: Ntag213, Ntag215, Ntag216
7. Data Retention: 10 years
8. Reading Distance: 3m(fixed reader),1~2m(handheld reader)
9. Color: customizable

1. Waterproof, low temperature resistant, anti-acid, anti-alkali, anti-collision, can be used outdoor.
2. Not interfered by metal, good performance in severe environment,especially working on metallic environment.
3. Withstand bending, installed on curved surface conveniently.
4. Strong adhesive, once affixed, the tag will hug the tagging object more and more tightly as time passed by.

It is widely used in precious metals management, bank asset management, data center asset management, IT asset management.