As we mentioned in the previous article, Google Review Card or NFC stand is an NFC card that allows customers to quickly submit reviews to improve a business’s online reputation and customer satisfaction.

In this article, we will introduce the difference between “standing cards” (NFC stands) and “lying cards” (standard size cards) to help you make an informed choice or even consider purchasing both options.

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Advantages of NFC Stands

1. Enhanced Visibility

The NFC stand holds a clear advantage over standard lying cards when it comes to visibility. By standing on a table or any flat surface, the NFC stand easily grabs customers’ attention. Its elevated position ensures that it stands out among other promotional materials, effectively catching people’s eyes. When customers spot the NFC stand, they are more likely to be prompted to initiate reviews and ratings. This can have a positive impact on their decision-making process, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction and higher conversion rates.

2. Hands-free User Experience

NFC stands offer a significant advantage with their hands-free user experience. Users can access review ratings without physically interacting with a device or holding a card. This convenience proves invaluable in busy or multi-tasking situations when customers may have their hands occupied or prefer not to touch common surfaces. By simply placing their NFC-enabled devices near the stand, customers can effortlessly access the necessary information. This not only enhances convenience but also minimizes contact points, promoting a more hygienic experience.

Advantages of Lying Cards

  1. Portability

Lying cards, or standard size cards, boast exceptional portability. Customers can easily slip them into their wallets or pockets, ensuring they can access review ratings wherever they go. The compact nature of these cards makes them convenient for on-the-go reference and encourages customers to leave reviews even outside of a physical establishment.

2. Ease of Distribution

Lying cards are relatively easy to produce in bulk and distribute to customers. These cards can be handed out during events, included in packages, incorporated into promotional materials, or placed at checkout counters for customers to take. The straightforward distribution process ensures wider exposure and accessibility for customers, increasing the likelihood of reviews and feedback.

3. Affordable

Standard-sized cards are more cost-effective since they are produced automatically, whereas NFC stands require manual bending to fit custom angles. Additionally, NFC stands are larger in size and consume more materials. Therefore, standard-sized cards are a more affordable option.

Potential Benefits for Businesses

  1. Online Visibility and SEO: Google review cards help increase the online visibility and search engine optimization (SEO) of your business. Positive reviews and a large number of reviews can improve a business’s online reputation, making it more attractive to potential customers searching for similar products or services. Higher visibility in search results can increase website traffic and ultimately drive conversion rates and revenue.
  1. Building Trust and Enhancing Reputation: Positive reviews serve as social proof, building trust with potential customers and improving online reputation. They attract new customers, while addressing negative reviews demonstrates a commitment to improving customer satisfaction.
  1. Increasing Customer Satisfaction: Google review cards make it easier for customers to provide feedback, making them feel valued and listened to. This seamless review process can enhance overall customer satisfaction, leading to increased customer loyalty and repeat business.
  1. Recognition and Differentiation: The streamlined review process provided by Google review cards contributes to a refreshing customer experience. Customers recognize businesses that value their opinions and actively seek feedback, setting company apart from competitors.


By objectively comparing NFC stands and lying cards, this article equips readers with the necessary information to make a more informed decision based on their individual needs. Whether it’s prioritizing enhanced visibility and a hands-free experience with NFC stands or valuing portability and ease of distribution with lying cards, the choice ultimately depends on the specific goals and preferences of the buyer.

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