Product Name: Open RFID Tags


NEWBEGA Open RFID Tag is a series of RFID transponder with the antenna and chip visible and open in the air, it is simply composed of antenna and COB(chip on board), it is core part of other RFID tag, is semi-product mainly designed for second time packing and encapsulated by plastic shells.

Sometimes it is fixed to a layer PVC or paper, and can be protected by a very thin layer of PET foil. It is widely adopted in the versatile application including: item-level tagging, and product integration.

1.Material: Copper, COB(chip on board), PET/PVC/Paper protection layer, etc.
2.Antenna Size: Φ3.5mm, Φ10mm, Φ15.5mm, Φ18mm, etc
3.Frequency: LF, HF,
4.Chip: LF: EM4200, TK4100, ATA5577 HF: F08, S50, ultralight
5.Working Mode: Passive
6.Package: 100pcs/bag, 500pcs/box
7.Protection: PVC/PET layer optional
8.Adhesive: Adhesive layer is optional

Feature :
1. Simple structure, it is easy to be attached to other objects by glue, PVC layer and adhesive layer is available.
2.Customizing: different frequency and antenna size are available, the smallest can be.
3. Fast delivery, easy and quick to produce, economical and efficient solution for the users of the RFID tags.

1. Attach to any non-metallic item by glue, for item tracking and management.
2. Second time packing, take it as a semi-product for a robust RFID tag with better self-protection.