Product Name: Polyimide RFID Tags

1.Product Name: Polyimide RFID Tag
2.Material: Polyimide, SMT RFID chip
3.Dimension: 10*50mm, 15*25mm, 9*19mm, 12*12mm or customized
       Thickness: 0.15+-0.01mm(Inlay), 0.60+-0.05(Chip)
4.Protocols: ISO14443A, ISO15693,ISO18000-6C
5.Frequency: 13.56MHz 860~960MHz
6.Chip: Mifare Ultralgiht EV1, NTAG213, ICODE SLIX, Mifare 1k EV1, Desfire Ev1.
7.Working Mode: Passive
8.Working Temperature:-40 to+200℃
9. Reading distance: 2-5cm for high frequency (depending on reading device)3-5m for UHF

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Feature :
1. Highly flexible —flexible PI material as substrate
2. stable – printed circuit guarantee the consistency of the RFID parameters
3. High Temperature resistant — up to 200°C temperature, PI substrate and SMT chip together can endure much high temperature than the normal PVC or PET RFID label.
4. solid — resistant to bending, rubbing, etc.
5. easy to mount — adhesive backing is optional, can also use glue to attach to the objects.

1. Be second time packed in the silicone and rubber material to produce an more robust RFID tag
2. Be stick on the surface of some high temperature