Product Name: Printed RFID Tags


NEWBEGA Printed RFID Tag adopts FR4 fiberglass as substrate, etched copper as antenna, it is also called PCB RFID tag. With higher accuracy on electric parameters, allowing more possibility to attach external component to improve the tag performance, the printed RFID tag normally reads further than the other RFID tag with same size.

The FR4 glass fiber housing provides it strong protection from physical stresses and high temperature. Widely used in second time packing.

1. Product Name: Printed RFID Tags
2. Material: Fiberglass
3. Dimension: Customized
4. Frequency: 13.56MHz
5. Chip: Mifare 1k S50, FM11RF08
6. Reading distance: 3-10cm(depending on reading device)
7. Weight: 2g
8. Working Temperature: -10~80℃
9. Installing: sticking

1. Compact size, can work independent, also can be insert into another housing.
2. Resistant to physical stresses and high temperature resistant.
3. Long reading distance, normally reads further then the tag with wire antenna.
4. High performance, more stable and accurate in frequency.
5. Shape and other parameters can be customized according to detailed requirement.

1. Second time packing in silicone material, in electronic products, NFC application.
2. Encapsulated into plastic housing with limited space.
3. Can be stick onto different objects.