Driverless 125KHZ ID Card Mobil Phone Reader

R65D is a portable 125Khz contactless smart card (ID card) small read-only card reader that can be directly connected to the Android intelligent system platform through the mini USB interface. It can be plugged in at will (plug and play) without external power supply. The exquisite and compact design is not only easy to use, but also stable and accurate.

This product can be used not only on the mobile phone/tablet Android system platform, but also can be connected to the computer through the OTG conversion cable, and read the smart cards’ serial number out in the computer’s output software (such as Notepad\WORD\EXCEL editor). It is widely used in conference sign-in, evet, recharge, and access control etc.

Product Details
Type: Contactless Card Reader
Part Number: R65D-USB
Frequency: 125KHZ
Reading Range: 0-8 cm
Suitable for: TK4100 EM4100 EM4200 ID Card
Power: 5V(W)
Responding time: 0.1s
Working Temperature: -20~70 degree
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