T5577 Card Reader

W1057 is a Contactless card reader. It’s easy to operation, not only can copy the TK4100/EM4100 cards, but also Writable the EM4305/T5577 cards. Widely used for RFID Radio Frequency Identification system and project, Such as charge system, check-ins system etc.

Step 1 Please install the virtual serial port driver for the first time;

Step 2 Connect with computer through USB interface directly. When the buzzer sounded, Device into the self-inspection. And the same time, green light turn into red means standby;

Step 3 Opening the Demo(RFID_APP_EN.exe) and Writing the data by self.

Product Details
Type: T5577 card reader
Part Number: W1057
Frequency: 125KHz
Reading Range: 0-8 cm
Suitable for: T5577 EM4305 ID Card
Power: 5V(W)
Responding time: 0.01s
Working Temperature: -20~70 degree
TEL:+86-133-5297-4392    E-mail : sales@newbegarfidtech.com


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