U Disk Type ID Card Reader

The R60D card reader is a stable, practical, high-performance 125kHz driverless communication interface with an integrated ID card reader. With exquisite and compact shape design, it can be inserted and inserted at will (plug and play) without using external power supply. It is not only easy to use, but also has powerful data processing capability and fast reading speed.

It is widely used in homeschooling, data entry, information inquiry, Internet cafe management, book lending, conference sign-in, access control and other fields.

Product Details
Type: U disk type ID card reader
Part Number: R60D
Frequency: 125KHZ
Reading Range: 0-8 cm
Suitable for: TK4100 EM4100 EM4200 ID Card
Power: 5V(W)
Responding time: 0.2s
Working Temperature: -20~70 degree

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