Pull Tabs is a simple yet fun draw game in which participants break the seal on a pull tab business card to reveal a hidden prize or number combination. It usually takes the form of cards, allowing participants to quickly participate and have a chance to win prizes.

They are often seen in store promotions due to their ease of use and the great satisfaction they can bring to customers. In the early days of the pull tabs, it was used by nonprofit charities and gaming organizations as a means of raising funds. Later, it gradually expanded to bars, entertainment venues, sports events, and other fields, becoming a common way of attracting and entertaining customers.

Imagine the scene when customers come back again after receiving a lot of surprises from the pull-tabs game! This article will comprehensively answer the question “How to start a pull tab business?” in the order of market research, gameplay, finding pull tabs for sale, and obtaining benefits. Let’s take a look!

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Finding Target Groups and Market Research

If you are familiar with the pull-tab method, you only need to find a professional factory to complete the production process. At the same time, the choice of logistics provider is also very important, which we will mention in detail below. If you are a novice in this area, we provide the following five ways to play for your reference:

Here are links to the five ways to play, with plenty of examples for you to choose from.

After you have determined the pull tab tickets you need, you only need to consider the bonus amount, winning rate, and rate of return. In the first game in the document, there are a total of 3800 pull tabs, the income is 3800 US dollars, the payout bonus is 2650 US dollars, the income is 1150 US dollars, the winning rate is 1 in 8.39, and the yield is 30.3%. Of course, you also need to consider production and shipping costs.

pull tab business
pull tab business

In addition to the fun of the game itself, merchants can also design game themes according to their own needs. For example, with the theme of popular sports such as football, basketball, baseball, etc., the sports team logo or star image is printed on the card. Or design themes according to festivals, such as Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, and so on. According to a survey, people’s desire to consume during holidays will increase by 13% compared to usual, of which commodity consumption and service consumption will increase by 10% and 13.5%, respectively, year-on-year. Therefore, pull-tab tickets are the first choice to improve your sales performance.

Introducing special functions and interactive elements is also a way to expand the influence. Encouraging people to share their winning experience on social media (Facebook or Twitter) can better enhance the enthusiasm of potential customers.

Of course, after determining a good way to play, the next step is to find a suitable supplier. Due to the particularity of pull-tab tickets, when selecting a suitable supplier, you must consider these aspects: whether you have enough experience, whether you have professional knowledge, and whether you can guarantee the delivery time and quality of the product.

Where to Buy Pull Tab Tickets?Where are the Pull Tabs for Sale?

Newbega, a specialized pull tabs for sale with 20+ years of rich experience in the scratch cards game products industry, has served so many customers from all over the world and has owned many long-term cooperative clients with our professional technology knowledge and 24 hour good service.

pick up pull tab tickects
pick up pull tab tickects

In terms of experience, we have been a pull tab factory and lottery project solution provider since 2000, starting with variable data printing with import and export rights. One-stop lottery services such as professional design, rich game rules, a copyright prize data generation system, safe and confidential production control, and comprehensive security solutions for prize verification At the same time, there are various anti-counterfeiting technology and security technology support, 100% prize data printing control, and detection verification systems.

We can promise quality assurance that the panel is not easy to scratch, the printing is realistic, the color is bright, the data is accurate, and the packaging is firm. At the same time, it has reliable logistics capabilities. Due to the particularity of the pull tab product, it may be regarded as a gambling-related product and seized by customs. Therefore, the strength of the logistics provider is also very important.

In terms of printing, we will print special editions for cards with prizes and cards without prizes. The general production process is as follows: printing, opening the window, mounting with silk screen glue, and coding the large sheets (one code per box, one box after printing, then the next box), cut into finished products.

It is also possible to cut out the finished product after mounting and spray-coding it on a small sheet. Cards without prizes and cards with prizes are coded separately. When packaging, first pack the cards without prizes, and then insert the bonus cards as required.

pull tabs box

By cooperating with us, we can complete the entire process, from game rule design to pattern printing design to shipment, which will greatly save you time and allow you to focus more on communicating with customers. The benefits brought by this are also obvious: make more profit!

The Benefits of Developing a Pull tab Business<Hot!>

Profit and Profit Model

The profit model of the pull-ring game includes sales income and commission. Earn sales income by selling pull-ring cards and, at the same time, establish a commission partnership with partners and receive commissions based on sales or revenue sharing. The pull-ring game has potential profit and rate of return, and through reasonable pricing and cost control, considerable profits can be obtained. Depending on the size of the business and market acceptance, pull-hook games can offer high-return business opportunities that attract the interest of potential investors or entrepreneurs.

where to buy pulltabs
where to buy pulltabs

Increase customer flow and interactive experience

The pull-ring game has the ability to attract and retain customers and can increase traffic in bars, entertainment venues, and more. As a fun and exciting activity, pull-the-loop games provide an interactive, entertaining, and social experience that engages customers and keeps them longer, thereby increasing spending. Participants can personally uncover the pull ring, increase their sense of participation in the game, interact and socialize with others, and provide a richer experience.

Strengthen brand awareness

Pull-ring games can increase brand exposure by printing customized game themes and business names on game cards. Combining the game theme with the merchant brand can increase brand awareness and recognition. At the same time, pull-hook games can establish or strengthen connections and recognition with target customers. By launching games in places suitable for target customers to participate in, the relationship between the brand and target customers can be established, and customers’ recognition and loyalty to the brand can be enhanced.

To sum up, pull-ring games can bring considerable profit and return rates, increase passenger flow and the interactive experience, and strengthen brand awareness and recognition at the same time. These benefits will help you gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace, attract more customers, and build lasting business value.


From ancient times to the present, pull-tab tickets have been directly proven to be efficient and immediate as a marketing method. As early as the Roman Empire, the kings used festivals or held large-scale events for gambling activities to increase the festive atmosphere and raise funds for the treasury. And up until now, pull-ring games have also become a leisure way for people to relieve stress, but pay attention to obeying the local judicial management rules.

small pull tabs
small pull tabs

This article provides all the specific operation methods for starting a pull-tab business, which will be of great help to you in developing the lottery business. Of course, if you have other questions, you can also click the green icon below at any time Communicate with us.

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