If you’re a bar or shopping mall operator, you probably already know your industry like the back of your hand. But if you want to start some new businesses that can generate more profits for you, then adding a pull tabs business to your plan is a good choice.

However, the problem also arises, do you really understand the pull tabs ticket vending machine and its profit method? This article will focus on pull tabs playing and profit-making methods of pull tabs to help you better develop pull tabs business!

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How do Pull Tabs Work?

The concept behind the Pull tabs lottery is actually very simple – just pay the specified amount, and players can get an instant winning ticket similar to a lottery scratch card.

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And each game has its own set of bonus levels, payment ratios or ticket prices. Generally speaking, the more expensive the pull tabs purchased, the higher the chance of winning and the larger the winning amount. And formal merchants will also mark the winning probability on the pull tabs, which is also a means to stimulate customers to buy. People tend to trust the data that can be seen intuitively, which is also used in marketing methods.

How to Play Pull Tabs?

When the player buys the pull tabs, the game starts immediately. Players check the pattern by scratching off the pull tab raffle tickets in their hands. If there is a winning information on the pattern, it means winning the prize. The amount of the prize is related to the rules of the merchant. This is just the simplest way to play pull tab raffle tickets. There are also variants such as bingo, seal card, etc.

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It is worth mentioning here that offline pull tabs business often has customers cheating due to weak supervision. Knowing how these customers cheat pull tabs can help protect your pull tab business without additional losses. Here are some common ways to cheat:

Some pull tabs are not firmly bonded, so they can be easily torn off and put back together. While some pull tabs that were uncovered were easy to spot, by the time they were discovered it was obviously too late. If possible, try not to put a large number of pull tabs together, and always pay attention to the approach of strangers.

Some customers will tamper with pull tab raffle tickets and forge winning ticket stubs. Consider using tamper seals or stickers to protect your pull tabs, which will show obvious signs of tampering if someone tries to remove them. These can be protected with holographic labels or seals, which break down if tampered with. Using a unique serial number or barcode can greatly improve the security of the pull tab, and the cost for cheaters to cheat will also become very high.

If the material of your pull tab raffle tickets is too general, customers may use special methods to directly see the contents inside from the outside. Do not use heat-sensitive materials or translucent materials as the raw materials of pull tab tickets, which will allow interested people to take advantage of them machine.

These are just additional knowledge and science. When you exclude these unexpected situations, you can predict the income by calculating the specific amount.

How to Calculate Pull Tab Ticket Profits<Hot!>

A complete set of tickets typically consists of approximately 3,000 tickets, which adhere to the specified prize levels and win percentages. This means that you can accurately determine the game’s income by multiplying the ticket price by the number of tickets in each set.

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Additionally, you can easily determine the total prize payout for each set by referring to the supplier’s information or by simply adding up the individual prizes of that game.

By subtracting the total bonus amount and production costs from the total ticket revenue, you can instantly calculate your profit after selling the entire package. Choosing the right pull tag type is critical to maximizing your revenue.

Surprisingly, some of the highest operator profits come from pull tab tickets with the best win percentages, rather than solely focusing on the highest ticket prices.

A notable example is the Classic Jackpot Cherry Bell ticket. With a win ratio of 1 in 3.96 tickets, over a quarter of the tickets in each set are winners.

These tickets are priced at 50p each, with prizes ranging from 720 tickets that win 50p back, up to four jackpot prizes of £100 each.

The total revenue generated from the 3,623-card set amounts to £1,811.50, while the total prize fund is £1,292.00. This results in a healthy profit of £519.50.

But if it is too simple to calculate like this, in general, you should not prepare only one pull tabs, if you can sell an extra set, your profit can be multiplied; at the same time, if you are in an environment without any competitors Here, your pull tabs business is likely to be very popular.

Here’s a case in point: the Popp-Opens lottery ticket from the Manchester pull ticket machine included the Coronation St set. Because each set is relatively small and the title is really catchy, more sets can be sold faster, making a bigger profit in the same amount of time.

The set contained 2,800 cards, sold for 25p each, with a take of £700.00, a bonus of £405.00 and a net profit of £295.00 per set.

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Where to Buy Pull Tabs? and How to Start a Pull Tab Business?

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We will provide you with the most practical pull tab raffle ticket business plan, and have the most complete after-sales service to ensure the safety of your lottery tickets. We are also a logistics provider with rich experience. Due to the particularity of the pull ring, it is necessary to have reliable logistics capabilities so as not to be detained by the customs.

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This article provides how to calculate the rate of return brought by the pull tab business, and also mentions how to protect your pull tab business in a better way. This will be very helpful for you to grow your own business. Of course, if you have other questions, you can always click the green icon below to contact us.

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