In the fifteenth century, Spain began issuing raffle tickets throughout the country. As one of the earliest established imperialist countries in the world, it was the first global colonial empire in human history. However, as time went by, this giant began to gradually decline. The finances are unable to make ends meet.

In order to fill the emptiness in the national treasury, the Spanish government, in addition to strengthening various taxes, also pioneered the issuance of raffle tickets. The government withdraws 1/4 of the money from lottery tickets sold and turns it over to the national treasury, which brings in about 5 million pesetas every year. This has become one of the country’s huge financial resources!

In modern times, the rules of raffle tickets have changed in many ways, but the original logic remains the same. In addition to the ‘lucky’ requirement of the lottery itself, if you plan to hold a successful raffle tickets fundraising event in your community or club, this book This article can help you solve this problem. If you follow the process, you will get a successful raffle tickets business; of course, if you need a reliable supplier, Newbega can be your best partner. Let us take a look below.

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How to host a Successful Raffle Tickets Event?

There are many purposes for starting a sweepstakes, such as as a marketing event, to attract customers, to raise funds for charity events, and as an organization to raise funds. Or earn money through raffle tickets. However, these are roughly the same in gameplay.

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Hosting a raffle tickets event for your community or club is not as difficult as you think. First, you need to set some simple and easy-to-understand rules for your raffle event. Here is a simple rule for reference:

  1. Participants in the lottery will receive one (or more) raffle tickets, and each raffle ticket has a unique number printed on it.
  2. Customers who are interested in participating in the lottery must purchase a raffle ticket to participate in the game. The price may be $1, $2 or even $10. Generally speaking, the higher the price of purchasing a raffle ticket, the better the rewards you will get.
  3. You can use lottery as a marketing tool, so that customers can get lottery tickets when they buy tickets. This can promote your two businesses. This is a good marketing method.
  4. Once all the raffle tickets have been distributed, which usually means the end of the event in a  fundraiser, the exciting draw is reached.
  5. Distribute the prizes to the winners.

Things to Note about Raffle Tickets Activities

Protect your tickets from damage by keeping them together if they are issued with admission tickets. Even the admission ticket itself can be a raffle ticket, put together like a box and bucket. It can even be placed inside a “drum” that will attract participants by making a sound.

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If the winners don’t have time to be there, it’s also important to collect participant information before the event starts. This is a credibility endorsement for you to run the same event next time. If the winner does not need to be present to participate in the lottery, please explain this in advance in the lottery rules. This allows participants to allocate their time more reasonably, and then the organizer will notify the winner by email or phone.

If there is no one to claim the prize, there are two solutions. One is to draw a new winner again, but remember to give the original winner some buffer time. If the winner still does not appear, the process continues.

It should be noted that in the event of any unexpected situation at the event, the host’s on-the-spot adaptability is crucial. Make sure your host has been trained and has professional quality. I wish you success!

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We will provide you with the raffle tickets business plan that is most suitable for your environment. We have complete after-sales services to ensure the safety of your lottery tickets and efficient logistics. We will start production and delivery after placing the order, and strive to deliver the goods as quickly as possible. Ship to customer.

At the same time, we can also help you solve the problem of raffle tickets game rules. In the previous blog post, we mentioned how to attract customers by designing appropriate games. You can refer to the categories to provide your raffle tickets. Ticket activities add to the gaming experience.


While raffle fundraisers are a great way to raise money for your group, they are considered gambling in the United States and are regulated differently from state to state. So whether you need a gambling license or not, you need to make sure you understand the law and set up your sweepstakes accordingly.

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In California, for example, you pay a one-time fee (usually about $30) to register each August of the year and then submit a form after each drawing. In other states, including Alabama, Hawaii and Utah, it is illegal to sell raffle tickets.

Therefore, when conducting raffle tickets business, you should understand the local rules, so as to avoid losses and risks and better serve your project.

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