Since stepping into the 21st century, the RFID access control system, as a typical representative of IoT industry in rapid development all the time, is getting maturer and smarter; and is being widely applied to various fields so that we can even see them here and there in our daily lives, including office buildings, banks, hotels, parking lots, armories, and so on.

Take the office building for example, nowadays, it is such an easy thing for an employee to enter it, just swipe his/her RFID employee card on the RFID reader fixed to the building entrance, the door will be open automatically; meanwhile, the card swipe record will be auto uploaded to the access control management system for further check if necessary.

office building rfid access control system

This way, the employee management becomes more regulated, what matters more, the irrelevant personnel like the pervasive sales person will be rejected to enter here, which can help companies in this building avoid much trouble.

This article will show you a complete introduction of the RFID access control system, including what it is, what it is composed of and its principle, how it is classified, how to use it and the operation tips, as well as the good RFID access control system recommended.

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As you know, RFID access control system refers to the access control system with the RFID function, therefore, let’s start with the definition of it!

What is the RFID Access Control System?

The RFID access control system, an access control management system to realize the safe entry and exit of important places, is simpler when open or lock a door, compared with the traditional access control which requires a mechanical key to open or lock the door. Just put the RFID key card close to the proximity card reader, the door will be open automatically, and be auto locked for its inertia after your entry.

This smart system can not only auto recognize the identification of each person in and out fast and accurately, but also assign access permissions to some special places, so that the high efficient access management will be reached and people inside this door will also be better protected.

As time goes by, RFID access control system is getting more and more popular for its being convenient, fast, safe, and high efficient; and has even become an indispensable part of people’s lives. Now let’s have a look at what this system is composed of!

What is RFID Access Control System Composed of?

The RFID access control system is composed of the door access control system controller, door lock card reader, electromagnetic lock, etc. And you can check their functions respectively below:

Door access control system controller – key part of this system. Similar to the CPU of a computer, it is mainly used to process, store, and control the information.

RFID proximity reader – identification module outdoor. It is responsible to read the RFID card No., then feed it back the controller. If the card No. is correct, the controller will issue a door opening command, and the door lock will be open.

Electromagnetic lock – mechanical module in this system. It achieves the door open and lock aim by controlling the magnetic pole taking advantage of the current. And it can be installed on the one-way wooden doors, glass doors, fire doors, and two-way electronic doors.

Exit button – control module indoor. It is usually installed near the door. Once press this button, the door will be open. No need to swipe the key card when you want to go out, so convenient!

Power supply – power supply module of this whole system. It can divided into 2 types, and they are the ordinary one (without battery) and backup one (with battery) respectively. The latter type can continue working after a power outage while the former type can’t.

Power and signal cables – transmission module. The electrical energy that the access controller, card reader, and electromagnetic lock require is transmitted by power cables; while data signals among them are transmitted by signal cables.

rfid access control system structure

RFID access card – the RFID key to the door. It is embedded with the RFID chip, and owns the convenient RFID functions. Company managers can print the the avatar, position, company name, and personnel number of each card holder on it, so that the access control and the employee card can be perfectly combined. Then the RFID employee card (just like the Newbega clamshell card) comes into being.

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Here comes a question, why can the RFID access card make the door open without any touch with the card reader? How is its principle like? Continue reading, and you can get the answer!


Do You know the Principle of RFID Door Entry System?

The principle of this RFID system is as follows:

The card reader continuously emits the RFID signals to search for the matching RFID device nearby. When the key card approaches, it will be found instantly by signals emitted by the RFID reader.

Next, the RFID reader can read the data stored in the key card fluently smoothly and upload these data to the system controller. After that, the system controller will compare the received data with the data store in it before.

the rfid access control system principle

If the data matched, the system controller will make a judgement that this is the correct key card, and issue the door open order to the card reader. Then the card reader will execute the order from the system controller to let the door open.

On the contrary, if the data can’t match, the system controller will regard it as a wrong card, and issue the order of voice prompt to the card reader, like “Card Reading Failed!”. Then the card reader will give the voice prompt according to that command, and keep the door locked. Besides, if the card holder changed, you can even modify the personal information using the system controller or the all-in-one RFID reader. Great!

One more question, are all RFID gate access control systems the same? Of course not! So how to classify them? And you can figure it out at the next part.

3 Methods to Classify RFID Gate Access Control Systems <Hot!>

Generally speaking, RFID gate access control systems can be classified into different types according to the electromagnetic wave frequenciesdesign principles, and communication methods. And the features also differs among different types as the following table shows:


Classify BasisTypesFeatures
Electromagnetic Wave Frequencies(LF) 125 KHz Access System

1. Long reading distance up to 1.5m (according to the card reader).
2. Signals with strong penetration.

1.Small storage capacity.
2.Many coils, high cost.

Common RFID chips:

(HF) 13.56MHz Access System

1. Large storage capacity up to 8KB.
2. Good encryption performance.
3. Few coils, low cost.

Short reading distance from 5m to 8m.

Common RFID chips:
Mifare 1K,Mifare 4K.

Design PrinciplesAll-in-one Access System

The card reader is directly attached to the system controller, very convenient!

Low safety. The system controller must be installed outside the door so part of the control wires will be exposed outside, so professionals can even open the door easily without a key card. Dangerous!

Split Access Control System

Safer. The system controller and the card reader will be installed separately, with the former one indoor while only the input cable of the latter one outdoor. Besides, all other control cables are indoors so that no one can open the door without a valid key card even if he/she is a professional.

Complicated installation method. Before the installation, the cables distribution need to be well planed to reach the installation standards.

Communication MethodsOnline Access Control System

Online access control system can communicate with computers. And it has 2 types – the 485 online access control system and the TCP/IP online access control system.

1.The more convenient management. You can directly check and analyze the card swipe records on the software.
2.TC/IP online access system respond faster and is installed easier than the 485 online access system.

Expensive. Suitable for big projects which scale many users, require fast response, and cross regions.

Offline Access Control System

2.Simple installation and easy maintenance. Stand-alone control the access, one system controller manages only one door.

The card swipe records can’t checked on the software, because this system can’t controlled by the computer software for the lack of online function.

Newbega RFID access control system - Safe & Respond Fast

The Newbega RFID LF access control system belongs to the offline all-in-one RFID access control system, which is stable, has large capacity and simple installation method, responds fast, etc.

Besides, the data stored in it is more reliable, and the data loss won’t take place even at the power outage state. What an ideal equipment it is for companies, factories, residential quarters, office buildings, electromechanical control, and so on!

newbega rfid access card reader

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How to Use the RFID access system?

Till now, we have known the classification and principle of the RFID access control system, so do you know how to use it? Simple actually. In this part, we would show you how to install and operate it. Let’s check it now!

Get Known of the Door Access Control System Installation Method

In fact, most settings of the access control system have been completed according to the requirements from clients before the Ex works, as for the rest, you just need finish the following 6 steps, and one technician is enough.

  • Step 1: install the electromagnetic lock over the door
  • Step 2: Fix the access card reader on a suitable place like the wall outside.
  • Step 3: Set up the exit switch (exit button) indoor with the cables connected with the access card reader. Pay attention to the correct connection of the positive and negative poles.
  • Step 4: Install the cable duct to hide all cables.
  • Step 5: Prepare the power supply, and complete the cable connection according to the marks and installation instructions on the power supply.
  • Step 6: The installation is completed.

newbega access card reader installation

Operate according to the Correct Steps of Door Access System

1. Input the card holder information. 

You can directly input info using the keyboard attached to the access card reader, while if there happens to be not a keyboard attached to your RFID reader, you can input info on the computer software. (Each card has an unique card No., Which stands for the card holder’s info.)

2. Leave the room.

You can directly press the “exit button” if there is one, the door will be open, and then you can leave. There may not be a exit switch at some places, you need to swipe the card to let your leaving time clearly recorded if you want to leave.

exit switch inside the door

3. Enter the room. 

If your key card has been registered in the RFID access control system, you can swipe it on the RFID reader to open the door.

4. Change and void the key card.

When an employee quits or wants to upgrade the authority, you can finish the card delete and upgrade operations on the RFID reader with a keyboard attached or on the software. After the card is deleted, that card will be voided and lose the door open function. You can also choose to keep that card for now waiting for the next registration rather than directly void it, so that this card can be reused, resources saved!

Using Tips about the RFID Door Entry Systems

Tip 1: Use it at the stable voltage.

Avoid the violent fluctuations in voltage during use and keep the voltage stable at the rated value. The Newbega RFID door entry system has the built-in fuse element which will blow and smoke if the voltage temperature is too high up to a certain extent rather than keep working, so that a fire caused by the open flame can be avoided in time.

Tip 2: Set the door as the open state during the power outage or add a UPS power supply.

As you know, the access system can’t work normally when at the power outage state. If the door is open when some accidents like the earthquake or fire happened during the power outage, people inside the door will have the chance to escape instead of feeling desperate for being trapped inside the door.

Another alternative is to install a backup UPS power supply which can supply power for the access control system continuously at the power outage, so that the safety risks can be avoided, too.

escape from fire

Tip 3: Use the key card within the reading range of the card reader.

The reading range of the access card reader is usually less that 5 cm, so it can catch the card signal and execute the instruction to open the door only within that range, or it cannot work normally.

Tip 4: Preserve the key card carefully.

Don’t bend or punch it because these operations will easily damage the RFID chip or coils embedded in it. Meanwhile, avoid the environments at strong magnetic, high temperature or high pressure, because this kind of environment will harm its using life.

Final Words

In this article, we have systematically known the RFID access control system, including its definition, classification, principle, structure, using method, precautions, etc. It is a powerful access control tool which is safe, reliable, simple, and convenient.

For company management personnel, it helps build up the unified corporation image and improve employees’ sense of honor, at the same time, it can also help strengthen the office security management and promise the safety of company & personal properties.

For individuals, it can help you avoid some embarrassed situations. For instance, if you usually forget carry you keys with you when you go out, or you have ever lost your keys before and don’t hope that happens again, it is time for you to change your present mechanic lock to the a RFID electronic access control system.

The Newbega RFID access control system supports 2000 users added, and the key card can be made into different shapes with various materials. One popular RFID key is the round RFID key tag with the diameter at 25 mm which can be stuck to the cell phone. That is to say, if only you don’t forget your cell phone, you will never forget your RFID key. How convenient it is!

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