Have you ever seen the similar scenes as the following video shows? The livestock wearing the RFID ear tags are under the intelligent management, which has taken place of the manual management. 

Actually, this kind of scenes have been common at the modern pastures, which also stands for the perfect combination of the RFID technology and the husbandry.

Well, this article will systematically show you how RFID technology help animal husbandry realize the change from being manual to smart. Let’s check it together! Firstly, you can check the table of contents below to know the general structure of this article:

Table of Contents

As you know, RFID access control system refers to the access control system with the RFID function, therefore, let’s start with the definition of it!

What is Husbandry?

It refers to the production department of the livestock products such as meat, eggs, milk, wool, cashmere, hides, silk and medicinal materials for animals, by artificially feeding and breeding the livestock,  poultry, and other animals that have already been successfully domesticated by humans.


Different from self-sufficient livestock feeding based on families, the animal husbandry is the centralized, large-scale, and profit-oriented production.

Why does the Animal Husbandry Needs to Get Smart?

The traditional animal husbandry is mainly managed by the manual method, which cost so many labors and much time, and the tedious work day after day also easily caused errors and loss.

As time goes by and the society develops, if the pastures keep that outdated production method, they would not be able to follow the modern society developing speed and are likely to suffer huge losses and even may be eliminated by the times. Therefore, getting the husbandry smart is imperative! How to realize it? Well, RFID technology will be a good assistant!

How does RFID Technology Help to Develop the Livestock Husbandry?

As we can see, the common RFID products are RFID cards, RFID tags, RFID keyfobs, RFID Readers and so on. In the livestock husbandry, the most used ones are RFID animal tags and readers.

Fix the ear tags on animals’ ears to record the health and growth data of them, then regularly read these data by RFID animal tag readers, and the daily management is done. No need to manually record the data one by one with your pen, so convenient and time saved!

What matters more, the data is far more accurate than the manual record, no need to worry about the unnecessary errors any longer. Excellent!

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How does the Smart Husbandry System Work?

Now that we have found high efficient tools for pasture management, do you know how these tools work? Well, in this part, you can know the working method of the smart husbandry system.

Auto Track Livestock Growth

Wear the RFID animal tags on the livestock since they were born, and the breeders can fix the animal tag reader at a fixed position to automatically collect the livestock’s growth data, or they can take that reader to collect data one by one more closely. Each tag has the unique UID code, you don’t need to worry about the confusion. Much more simple than the manual collection and record, right?

animal ear tag

Scientific Slaughter

In order to ensure the meat products safety, the livestock need to be checked their heath condition including their health indicators, and epidemic prevention records since they were born, so that the orignial risks can be cut. This work can be taken instead of by the RFID smart husbandry system which is composed of RFID tags, RFID readers, and server, etc. You can check the steps below:

  • Check the health status of the livestock, by reading data stored in their ear tags with the RFID animal tag reader.
  • Pick healthy ones for the slaughter according to the data.
  • Write the corresponding data into the carton tags, pallet tags, price tags, etc, after slaughter.
  • Enter the market.

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Accurate Logistics and Distribution

The data store in the RFID tags on the packages and pallets can lead the staff members to distribute the meat products to the correct destinations accurately.  

Strict Management for Purchased Meat Products

As for the well done meat products bought from other places instead of the familiar husbandry, to make sure of their safety, they should be strictly managed as the following process shows:

  • Inspect the quality of these meat products at the designated supervision place.
  • Attach the RFID tags which contain the product information and inspection information if they passed the inspection.
  • The regulatory authority will issue the qualification certificate.
  • These meat products will be permitted to be sold at the market.

meat products from animal husbandry

Till now, we have known that the RFID husbandry system can greatly help the pastures high efficiently raise livestock, slaughter scientifically, and accurately distribute the meat products to the destinations and let them sold legally at the market. So have you found a suitable RFID husbandry system supplier? If not, why not take Newbega into consideration?

High Efficient Newbega RFID Husbandry System

What is this System Composed of?

As the common RFID husbandry system composition mentioned above does, Newbega husbandry system is also composed of the RFID animal tags, animal tag readers, management system software (PC version and Android version), cameras (optional), etc,

Advantages of this System

This system can help the pasture owner manage thousands of livestock scientifically at the same time. Choose Newbega, you can enjoy the following advantages:

  1. You would never worry about the technique issues because we have been this RFID industry for 20+ years and own strong technical strength.
  2. You can trust our product quality. All of our products have been strictly tested before sending them out.
  3. Even if you find few products not perfect, we can replace them for free.
  4. If you have any problems, we would try our best to help you solve them. And we would be here for you 24 hours.
  5. Our products cover widely, you may find what you need here at once., no need to find another suppliers. And you can also get the discount if you order bulk. Time and cost saved! Try to offer us a cooperation chance now~


All in all, RFID technology has brought great convenience to the modern animal husbandry, a good RFID system helps a lot in not only the animal husbandry but also other industries including logistics, factory production lines, retail, bulk trade, and so on. Embrace RFID technology and let it help your business better and better. Tap the following “Inquire Now” button to contact us for more RFID product details now~

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