Product Name: RFID Animal Tag Pigeon Chip Rings

Product Details:

RFID bird ring is a non-adjustable RFID transponder for tracking, tracing and management of poultry for lifetime. It is designed to be worn on the foot of bird when it is young, and will not be taken off during its life time.

RFID bird ring helps achieve traceability and achieve bird growing-up date management, facilitate mass management. The information of each animal from birth to transport to the ultimate consumer can be accurately and transparently supervised through this electronic ID tag.

RFID bird ring can not only produce considerable economic benefits for the poultry farms but also has great significance on food supply chain.

1. Product Name:RFID pigeon chip rings
2. Material:ABS
3. Protocol:ISO11784/11785
4. Frequency:125Khz,134khz
5. Chip:EM4200, EM4305, ATA5577, Mifare 1K S50, FM11RF08
6. Reading distance:3-10mm (depending on reading device)
7. Color:Black, customizable
8. Lock:closed loop, open loop
9. Working Temperature: -10~80ºC
10. Weight:2g
11. Sealing:Ultrasonic