Product Name: RFID Bullet Tags


RFID Bullet Tag is small cylindrical RFID transponder with bullet shape, ABS or PC housing, copper antenna is winded on the magnetic core, which amplify the RF field of the tag and offer very good reading distance in multiple directions, encapsulated by epoxy, it is very robust mini RFID tag intended to be embedded in the objects with small space, be installed on wall, stone, wood, plastic, glass, etc

1. Product Name: RFID Bullet Tag
2. Housing Material: ABS/PC, epoxy
3. Dimension: 15.5*4.5mm
4. Protocol: ISO14443, ISO7815, etc.
5. Frequency: 125KHZ, 13.56MHZ
6. Chip: TK4100, EM4200, MIFARE S50, FM11RF08, etc.
7. Reading distance: >5cm, low frequency >3cm, high frequency, (depending on reading device) 8. Color: Black, other color can be customized
9. Weight: 0.5g
10. Working Temperature: -20℃~60℃

1. Small size — easy to install, and installation, it is less likely to be detached from the objects.
2. Robust housing—waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-erosion, shock and vibration resistant.
3. Unsurpassed reading performance—- ferrite core offers amplified RF field, with good sensitivity and reading range.
4. Versatile platform —- can customize with different chips, 125khz, or 13.56mhz to choose.

1. Widely used in logistic, pallet tracking, anti-forgery, patrol, etc.
2. Mold, furniture tracking, and asset management.
3. Replace the glass transponder to track animals.