Embossed Number

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Applied to cards: PVC card

What do you need to prepare? 

  1. Embossing number confirmation.
  2. Design file at .ai/ .pdf/ .psd/ .eps/ .jpeg (jpg)/ .tiff. format, the minimum resolution at 300dpi.
  3. Color confirmation including the CMYK value or Pantone color No. Or you can directly send us samples if you don’t know the exact color, and we would help you find the color which can best match the sample color., 
  4. Color No.: CMYK value, Pantone color number, send samples directly to us to match the color.

Craft Introduction

What is embossed number?

Strictly speaking, it is a type of the embossing crafts. The difference is that embossed number only refers to the raised number or letter on the object surface, not including the graphic; while the embossing craft includes all kinds of content forms (graphic also included). Besides, their machines also differ. The embossing number craft is by embossing machine, while the embossing craft is by flatbed UV printer.

Operation Details

1. Adjust the number or letter molds on the embossing machine – for example, if you need to add the incrementing digits from No. 820000008560000 to No. 820000008569999 to 10,000 cards, then you should adjust the digital molds to 820000008560000 on the machine first.

2. Emboss the number or letter – put the printed card at the initial position of the conveyor belt, and the embossing machine will auto press the corresponding number on the plastic card when the card passes through the embossing molds.

3. Molds auto adjustment – every time a card is pressed, the number mold will be automatically changed one, thus forming the sequential embossing numbers.

4. Add foil stamping effect (optional) – if you need your embossed content gold or silver, you can also put the hot stamping paper on the machine. When the card passes through the foil stamping module, the hot stamping paper will be hot stamped on the raised part, that part will become the hot stamping paper color.

Attention Please

  1. Most embossing machine only supports 19 bits long embossed number, and the embossed content must be horizontal with the longer card side.
  2. The length of the number or letter should be within 16 bits including the spaces, to avoid that the card get slightly deformed.
  3. The die cut card can’t be added to the embossing number; unless add it onto the standard card first, then die cut that card into other shapes.
  4. The embossing number should be away from the data storage part such as the chip, magnetic strip, etc, or the important content part, so as not to corrupt data or content.
  5. If you want to add foil stamping to the embossing number, don’t choose the card with the frosted finish, because the foil stamping craft doesn’ty works well on the frosted surface.
  6. If you need the personalized embossing number, you’d better take a order in advance, because its producing time will be longer than the normal one.


The embossing content looks obvious, textured, and pretty. 

Example Exhibition

embossed number
Embossed Number

This gift card with the personalized embossed number on it looks elegant, featured, and not pompous at all. The embossing part becomes the most obvious part and makes the whole card high end.

embossed number pvc card
Embossed Number

This matte membership card is silk printed yellow, next blue, then white. After that, the member No. is embossed on it, which makes the whole card attractive but textured, although its design is simple. 

gold stamping embossed number
Gold Stamping Embossed Number

This VIP member card owns the metallic gold background, the offset printing content, the white signature panel, and the gold embossed member No. looks luxury and layered. And the raised part lets you find the point instantly. 

gold stamping embossed number pvc card
Gold Stamping Embossed Number

This membership card with metallic silver background and offset printing content looks elegant and shiny. The transparent signature panel is added to it for the members to sign. And the member No. is embossed on it with the gold foil stamping effect added to it, which makes it very obvious on the silver background. 

silver stamping embossed number pvc card
Silver Stamping Embossed Number

This business card with black metallic background makes the whole card formal. The dark white silk screen pattern on it makes this card low key and luxurious. And the silver foil stamping embossed telephone number can make you find the contact details of that person who gave you this card at once. Convenient!

silver stamping embossed number
Silver Stamping Embossed Number

This translucent plastic card is also a plastic business card. The embossed part with the silver foil stamping effect on it is his name, which makes this part obviously different from other parts, so that you can notice it instantly and then find the contact details below. Smart design!