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Applied to cards: PVC card, metal card, wood card, paper card

What do you need to prepare? 

  1. Card type confirmation.
  2. Design file at .ai/ .pdf/ .psd/ .eps/ .jpeg (jpg)/ .tiff. format, the minimum resolution at 300dpi.
  3. Color confirmation including the CMYK value or Pantone color No. Or you can directly send us samples if you don’t know the exact color, and we would help you find the color which can best match the sample color., 
  4. Color No.: CMYK value, Pantone color number, send samples directly to us to match the color.

Craft Introduction

What is embossing?

The embossing, a type of carving, refers to the craft that carve the design on a object surface to let the carved part above the original surface. This craft can be adapted to various materials including PVC, metal, wood, paper, and so on.

Operation Details

On PVC card – print the embossed design on it with the flatbed UV printer.

On metal card – corrode the rest part from the design with chemical liquid to form the embossed effect; laser engrave the rest part from the design to make the design part above the card surface; or directly print the embossed part on it with the flatbed UV printer.

Wood card – laser engrave the design part to realize this effect; or print the design on it with the flatbed UV printer to achieve that effect.  

Paper card – press the design part from the back side direction to to front side direction with the machine to let the embossed effect formed on the front side; or use the flatbed UV printer to form this effect.  

Crafts Effect

  1. It is full of three-dimensional and high end.
  2. It feels raised and textured when you touch it.
  3. It looks layered because of its uneven surface. 

Example Exhibition

embossed card
Embossing on PVC Card

The fresh lemons with their branches and leaves look and feel raised, which makes this part outstanding on this frosted card finish. It also means that 100% fresh lemons are the main products of this company. Very special design!

emboss on pvc
Emboss on PVC Card

The member card surface is stuck to a silver glossy finish with special textures on it, which is shiny and mysterious under light. The colorful emboss design on the finish looks very delicate, unique, attractive, and full of art, which perfectly matches the theater culture.  

emobossing on metal
Embossing on Metal Card

This silver metal business card is combined with glossy emboss part & frosted part, which makes us feel different touch. Meanwhile, the raised emboss part looks shinier & more obvious with sunken frosted part’s contrast. The whole embossed business card is modern & fashion. 

emobossing on metal card
Embossing on Metal Card

This metal tap business card with a NFC chip embedded in it has no contact info on its frosted finish, but we can get the contact info file by putting our NFC smart phone close to this card, convenient! On this card, just the emboss design is on it, very simple, but elegant and high end. 

embossing on wood card
Embossing on Wood Card

The emboss craft on this wood card is very obvious and not easy to get worn out, which makes the whole round card delicate & cute. Meanwhile, the embossed part is silk printed brown, the similar color to the wood, which makes this card look natural when combined with the original wood color of the sunken part. 

emboss on paper card
Embossing on Paper Hang Tag

The emboss part on this paper hang tag makes the original normal flat finish become three-dimensional and special. The raised embossed touch feels more textured. Although, the design is not rich, the final effect successfully caught our eyes because of its strong layering sense. So simple but smart!