Holographic Sticker

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Applied to cards: PVC card, metal card, paper card

What do you need to prepare? 

  1. Card type confirmation.
  2. Design file at .ai/ .pdf/ .psd/ .eps/ .jpeg (jpg)/ .tiff. format, the minimum resolution at 300dpi.
  3. Color confirmation including the CMYK value or Pantone color No. Or you can directly send us samples if you don’t know the exact color, and we would help you find the color which can best match the sample color., 
  4. Color No.: CMYK value, Pantone color number, send samples directly to us to match the color.

Craft Introduction

What is holographic?

It refers to a technology which can reproduce the diffracted light emitted from an object at exactly the same position and size as before. When you view that same position from different angles, the displayed images will be differ. 

As for its applications, it can be made into the holographic tags or stickers to add them to the product surface for anti-counterfeiting. Or you can directly foil stamp it on the product surface. In card making industry, it is usually applied to the PVC card, metal card, and paper card.

Operation Details

Method 1

  1. Print the holographic image on the tag or sticker.
  2. Stick the holographic sticker or tag to the sunken part on the card surface.

Method 2

  1. Print the holographic image on the foil paper.
  2. Hot stamp it onto the card surface.

Attention Please

  1. Don’t scratch it with sharp objects to make it damaged manually.
  2. There should be a sunken part prepared on the card surface to add the holographic sticker in case of the accidental damage. 

Crafts Effect

  1. It looks changeable from different angles. 
  2. It looks colorful and cool. 
  3. It can be used as a anti-counterfeit mark because of its special 3D effect. 

Example Exhibition

holographic sticker on pvc
Holographic Label on PVC Card

This glossy finish identification card is the certificate to legally purchase, possess, carry, transport firearms for ammunition. The foil stamping holographic label on it can help the staff member easily identify authenticity to avoid that somebody may illegal transport firearms taking use of the fake card. 

holographic metal cards
Holographic Sticker on Metal Card

This frosted metal membership card with the holographic sticker on it help make the normal card own the anti-counterfeiting function, which makes it not easy for somebody to enjoy the discount or service that belong to the real VIP members with a fake card. As you know, it is hard to make the same holographic mark. 

holographic sticker on paper box
Security Hologram on Paper Box

The security hologram on this cosmetic box is very necessary. Clients can check the hologram mark on the box according to official tips, if the actual hologram doesn’t match with the official hologram, they can know they have bought the fake cosmetic, and can return it by the receipt and get their loss back in time. So useful, isn’t it?