Lenticular Printing

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Applied to cards: plastic card, paper card

What do you need to prepare? 

  1. Confirm card type.
  2. Design file at .ai/ .pdf/ .psd/ .eps/ .jpeg (jpg)/ .tiff. format, the minimum resolution at 300dpi.
  3. Color confirmation including the CMYK value or Pantone color No. Or you can directly send us samples if you don’t know the exact color, and we would help you find the color which can best match the sample color., 
  4. Color No.: CMYK value, Pantone color number, send samples directly to us to match the color.

Craft Introduction

What is lenticular printing?

It refers to the printing on the grating via the lenticular printer, which shows the amazing changeable 3D effect under the principle of light diffraction, as the view angle changes. Therefore, it can also be called the 3d lenticular printing. This visual effect is like the smooth animation clips, and make the printing lifelike and interesting.

Crafts Effect

  1. It touches special, on the one hand, you can feel the parallel notches apparently; on the other hand, the surface is smooth. 
  2. It is glossy finish
  3. It can show different 3D images as the view angel changes (eg. you can check the following images).

PVC Card

lenticular printing angle one
lenticular printing angle two
lenticular printing angle three

Paper Card

3d lenticular printing on paper card
lenticular printing on paper card
lenticular printing on paper

Operation Details

  1. Finish the custom lenticular printing 3D design file via the special 3D design software(eg. PSDTO3D).
  2. Choice 1: print the design file on the grating sheet via the lenticular printer.
  3. Choice 2: print the design file on the PVC or paper sheet via the normal printer, then add the grating sheet to it.
  4. Stick the printed grating sheet to the PVC card or paper card.
  5. The lenticular card is completed. 


  1. Changeable 3D effect – the 3D image shown changes when you observe it from different angles, interesting!
  2. Lasting effect – not easy to fade away, be scratched or worn out. 
  3. High speed – auto printing via the lenticular printer, fast!
  4. Low cost – the production is not complex, cost saved.