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Applied to cards: PVC card, metal card, wood card, paper card, epoxy card

What do you need to prepare? 

  1. Card type confirmation.
  2. Design file at .ai/ .pdf/ .psd/ .eps/ .jpeg (jpg)/ .tiff. format, the minimum resolution at 300dpi.
  3. Color confirmation including the CMYK value or Pantone color No. Or you can directly send us samples if you don’t know the exact color, and we would help you find the color which can best match the sample color., 
  4. Color No.: CMYK value, Pantone color number, send samples directly to us to match the color.

Craft Introduction

What is QR code?

QR code, whose full name is quick response code, is a graphic for data record, which is composed of specific geometric figures distributed on a plane according to a general rule. Compared with the traditional barcode, it can store more data and support more data types including text, digit, URL, file, image, video, audio, business card, WeChat, form, etc. (barcode only supports text, digit, and URL.)

Operation Details

The same way as the barcode.

Attention Please

  1. The final barcode on the card must be clear, or it can’t be recognized smoothly. 
  2. It should be well protected from being scratched, or it may get invalid. 


1. Save space – some detailed info is packed by the barcode, which will be shown on the reading device once scan it, no need to print this info and let it occupy the the limited space on the card, which makes the card more concise. 

2. Convenient – scan it with smart phone, and the info contained in it will be automatically shown on the screen, no need the manual input, fast and convenient! And it even supports the online payment!

Example Exhibition

qr code on pvc card
PVC Card

This offset printing gift card has a QR code on it, so that customers can get the discount with the discount code contained inside and some erros can be avoided. So covenient!

qr code pvc card
PVC Card

This membership card with both the magnetic stripe and the QR code on it can support both the payment and the member verification with the card No. inside the QR code. Useful!

qr code metal card
Metal Card

This gold metal card with black background silk screen is a business card, the URL contained inside the UV printing QR code on it makes the clients able to enter the website more quickly. 

qr code paper card
Paper Card

Just scan the offset printing QR code on this paper gift certificate with your smart phone and follow the operation steps on this certificate shows, you can get your gift for free! Excellent!

qr code wood card
Wood Card

The URL inside the offset printing QR code on this RFID wood card can let the user quickly enter the company website, which may bring more potential customers.

qr code epoxy card
Epoxy Card

Scan the silk printing QR code on this epoxy card to enter the pet registration page to finish the registration process, then you will be able to track your pet to ensure its safety. Meaningful!