RFID card reader

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RFID reader is an automatic identification device that can read electronic tag data. According to different frequencies, it is divided into low frequency, high frequency, and ultra high frequency readers. The RFID reader needs a built-in RFID antenna module to read the tag information.

What makes NEWBEGA different from other manufacturers

we are committed to meeting customer needs, caring about customers’ shopping experience, and taking problem-solving as the primary goal instead of shirking responsibility, professional technical team to provide timely online support.

Production ability

Our card reader production line was established in 2008, with a workshop area of 1149 square meters, more than 80 people in the workshop, 3 assembly lines, 11 processing equipment, including 4 domestic SMT automatic placement machines, 3 Samsung SMT Automatic placement machine, one automatic detection AOI, one multi-function reflow soldering machine, one automatic programming machine.

Classic case about the use of card reader

Case 1: Personal NFC business card making

  1. Choose any Ntag series chip product, which can be a card, tag, wristband or ring
  2. Connect the card reader to the computer (except Mac), open the software that matches the card reader, the card reader model is NBG-750AS
  3. Put the Ntag chip on the card reader, enter your personal web address on the software, and click write.

In this way, the production of personal social business cards is completed, mobile phones with NFC function can be read directly without any APP

You can also learn how to use it through the video

Case 2: Animal management tag identification reader

The label used for animal management is usually the EM4305 chip, the protocol is ISO 11784 and ISO 11785, and the format is FDX-B

We have a client from a South Korean government agency. They use EM4305 disc card as animal management label instead of injecting biological label.

  1. We need rewrite the EM4305 disc card to FDX-B format through a desktop card reader(model: R30D)
  2. Write a number in each disc card, these numbers represent the pet’s identity information
  3. We can read the pet’s number with an animal card reader(model: W90B).

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