What is Magnetic Stripe Card?

Magnetic stripe card is a magnetic recording medium that uses a magnetic carrier to record characters and digital information for identification or other purposes.

The magnetic card, made of the high-strength and high-temperature-resistant plastic or paper-coated plastic, is moisture-proof, wear-resistant, and has a certain degree of flexibility. It is convenient to carry, and stable to use. For example, the bank card is one of the most common magnetic stripe cards.

Magnetic cards are easy to use, cheap, and extremely versatile. Here are the main applications as follows:

  • Credit cards, bank cards;
  • Subway cards, bus cards, ticket Cards such as bus tickets, air tickets, and various transportation toll cards;
  • Telephone cards;
  • Electronic game cards;

Nowadays people use magnetic cards on many occasions, such as dining in a canteen, shopping in a mall, taking a bus, making a phone call, entering a restricted area, etc. So great, right?  Click the following “Inquire Now” button and start your magnectic stripe card customizing journey!

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