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NFC Metal Card Introduction

Traditionally, the metal card, which adopts leading new process, is made of brass and stainless steel, and refined in a streamlined process of stamping, corroding, printing, polishing, electroplating, coloring, dispensing, packaging and other flow operations. 

RFID metal cards such as the metal digital business cards, cheap metal business cards with qr code, metal NFC smart business cards with extraordinary creativity are noble and elegant, and have the value of collection and gift.

Do you know the steel card’s type? Well, the metal card includes the following types:

  • Metal gold card
  • Metal silver card
  • Metal membership card
  • Metal VIP card
  • Metal Buddha card
  • Metal magnetic stripe card
  • Metal barcode card
  • Metal ink card
  • Metal IC card
  • 18k gold and silver card
  • 24k gold and silver card
  • Metal NFC enabled business card

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Product Applications
steel card

Custom Metal Business Card

Many business people use metal cards as their business cards (eg. metal NFC business cards UK) because metal cards with more personalized options are higher end than paper cards. Perforated, mirrored, various hollow patterns, the list goes on and on. These gold metal business cards can help us leave better impression to our clients, and make us look more sedate and reliable. Excellent!

custom titanium card

VIP Membership Metal Card

Auto parts and service companies issue metal VIP cards to their members. This kind of membership cards are very textured, which complements the auto parts industry. They can be thinner than the PVC cards, and don’t take up much wallet space. What’s more, magnetic strips can be added to the metal VIP membership cards, and become magnetic metal VIP cards. 

plastic card to metal

NFC Metal Card

More and more people choose metal cards as their personal touchless business cards. Just write personal info & social media into the metal NFC card, then others (like a British) can save the contact info by approaching the smart business cards UK / electronic business card UK style of their UK business partners with an NFC-enabled mobile phone. No need to save the contact info manually one by one, easy!

Partial Production Equipment Display
metal nfc business cards machine

Developing machine, wash off the unexposed dry film with weak alkali solution to reveal the desired design pattern or logo.

metal nfc card machine

Etching and stripping, Etch away the unwanted metal part, then clean it with acid, and then use strong alkali to wash off the protective film on the pattern or logo.

nfc metal business cards machine

Electroplating machine, Option: electroplating gold, electroplating silver, electroplating elegant black, Electroplating white.

nfc business cards metal machine

A single color picture or logo is usually done by silk screen printing. If you are very strict about color, silk screen Pantone color will definitely meet your requirements.

metal card manufacturer

Full color printing equipment, print directly on the metal NFC business card face according to the vector file provided.

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