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Differences between Paper Business Cards & PVC Business Cards

Paper business cards (the common ones are coated paper cards and kraft paper cards), made of 70% paper mixed with 30% PVC material, are more environmental friendly than PVC business cards because of their faster degrading speed, and are very popular with people who advocate the green consumption concept.

Compare with PVC cards, paper cards are lower cost, not easy to get scratched, and lighter weighted. Many crafts which suitable for PVC cards can also be applied to paper cards to make them look elegant, luxury, or cool. By the way, if you only need simple and generous cards, you can choose to reduce the card surface crafts, which can decrease the cost at the same time.

Note: if you want your business cards waterproof, PVC cards, metal cards, or epoxy cards may be better.

Want to custom some paper business cards for better company business promotion? Newbega, a professional business card factory with 20+ years industry experience, can not only offer you satisfied paper business cards but also other cards made of different materials if you need. Click your right “envelope” icon to contact us for more details now~

Product Applications
simple paper business card

Simple Paper Business Card

These simple designed business cards without any surface effects cost less so they are very suitable for initial entrepreneurs for their lack of funds. This way, they can get many enough business cards at the lowest cost to expand their business. Worry that simple designed cards look not good? Don’t worry, simplicy is not equal to clumsiness. Good simple designs can also leave people elegant feelings and deep impressions. it is cost-efficient to custom good looking business cards at the lowest cost, isn’t it? Why not have a try? If you have trouble with the design, our specialized designing team can also help you~

gold foil stamping paper business card

Gold Foil Stamping Paper Business Card

As you know, gold represents trustworthiness and nobility. Therefore, to highlight the logo or shop name and show their higher-end style, watch shops usually use gold foil stamping business cards which can perfectly match the image of luxury watch boutiques and more attractive. Once people are attracted by the exquisite workmanship at their first sight, they will be more likely to read the store details printed on the back, then become the potential customers, or directly call or email to order some items. Try these cards which are not only beautiful but also unique enough if you don’t have any funding problem! 

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