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flight gift certificate

Flight Gift Certificates

A Flight printed gift certificate is likely to be one of the most thrilling gifts for aviation fanatics and adventure enthusiasts who desire a fly experience. Even for normal people who just seek for pleasure when they are free, it is also a attractive present which can bring them unforgettable experience. Also, the business chances will be widened. 

hotel gift certificate

Hotel Gift Certificates

An Hotel gift certificate can not only be used for the room charge, but also bring the customers surprise sometimes. For example, some hotels may send their customers birthday gift certificates. And these customers will be able to enjoy some discount on their birthday day and feel happy, which can greatly increase customers’ favorability for that hotel.

barber shop paper gift certificate

Barber Shops Paper Gift Certificates

For a barbershop or hair stylist, a gift certificate is necessary. This gift certificate, with comb & scissors printed on it, can make people instantly know what business this store runs. Furthermore, this gift voucher stands for some discount, and it makes customers enjoy lower price according to the discount written on it, so more customers will be attracted. These customers can even become the long-term ones and apply for a membership card, because rare people can refuse cheaper price.

restaurant gift certificate

Restaurants Gift Certificates

Some restaurants run promotions by selling gift certificates. Customers can get gift certificates worthy of $100 paying for $70, $50 paying for $35, and $25 paying for $15. This way, customers can have meals at cheaper price, meanwhile, the restaurant can get the contact info (written on the gift certificates) of its customers, and do some further promotion activities. Both get benefits! Besides, some universal gift certificates can even be used at multiple restaurants. Very convenient!

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