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Garment Tags

Clothing tags are like the clothing business cards with the information like the product name, grade, size, color, ingredients, etc., printed on them (some merchants may also stick the small size price tags to them). Generally speaking, customers would check these tags when they are picking their favorite clothes, and they are likely to doubt the clothing quality if the quality these tags are poor, too. Therefore, unique clothing tags at high quality stand for the brand image in some extent, and their quality and design should be paid attention to. This way, these beautiful clothing tags may help retain customers and facilitate purchases!

custom hang tags with string

Hang Tags for Bags

Hang tags can even help identify authenticity except some basic info and tips printed on them. For example, the luxury brand bags exactly need this kind of tags in case of being impersonated by some unscrupulous merchants. The method is also easy. You can print the anti-counterfeiting marks on them, including QR codes, holographic labels, scratch strips, etc. Customers can scan the marks with their smart phones; then verify and judge if what they bought are genuine bags or not, according to the tips shown on the phone screen. And Newbega is absolutely an industry leader as for these surface printing process technologies.

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