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What are Pull Tabs And How to Play Pull Tabs?

They are also called the pull tab tickets, break opens, Nevada tickets, Cherry Bells, Lucky 7s, Pickle cards, instant Bingo Pull tabs, bowl games, Popp opens, etc. They refer to the cards that can be partly pulled apart.

And their producing method is that sticking 2 separate cardboards together and make them become a whole. The content behind the pull tab position is the pattern or text designed by the merchants themselves matched with the their game or lottery rules. 

Although they have the similar function as the scratch panel, they are more simple using because they don’t need any tools to help scratch them off, just pull apart, then okay. Besides, they will not leave waste powder like the scratch cards do. More environmentally friendly, aren’t they?

Actually, an exquisitely designed pull tab with the merchant logo and other promotional content offset printed on it can also be regarded as a business card in another form, which can brings very good social and economic benefits to the merchant.

Newbega currently offers 5 pull tab game options for your reference. At the same time, we always have ongoing projects and rich experience in the production of pull tabs.

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Product Applications

As for the application, the pull tab can be divided into the following 4 main types:

  1. Promotional pull tab – for product promotion and promotional activities.
  2. Game pull tab – for game point card recharge, game prize exchange, etc.
  3. Bingo pull tab – for entertainment and interactive games.
  4. Pull tab lottery ticket – for lottery shops.

Well, if you want to customize some for your business, you can contact us for more details, and we would try our best to offer you the high quality products during the shortest time. Click your right “envelope” icon to send an inquiry now~

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Promotional Pull Tab

Compared with ordinary flyers, pull tags are more mysterious and interesting, which can help enhance the interaction with customers, lead them to the store, so as to increase the merchant popularity and attract more customers. Customers can’t help but scan the QR code behind the pull tab position when they pull them apart, and visit their store to receive the promised gift, and they may even tell this to their familiars and attract them to join this activity. Then the publicity aim is realized!

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Game Pull Tab

It is a recharge card with fixed recharging amount issued by the online game companies, game players can buy it at the kiosks and newsstands, then pull it apart and see the redemption code. After that, enter the recharge page, and input that code, and the recharge will be completed. This way, you don’t need to scratch the scratch panel carefully and slowly, nor leave some waste powder from the scratch panel, like the scratch card. So convenient, isn’t it? 

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Bingo Pull Tab

It is usually used for the entertainment among friends to active the atmosphere and enhance the relationship between friends. Pull it apart, and he or she will see the content behind the pull position. If the content match with the correct content, he or she will get the rewards; if not, the punishment will come. So exciting!

break opens

Pull Tab Ticket for Lottery

It can apparently save much time and energy for the lottery players, because they don’t need to scratch the scratch panels carefully one by one any longer. They just pull these pull tabs apart roughly, then they can see the code behind the pull position content so as to reach the aim. So simple!

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