Paper Custom Scratch Off Cards for Lottery Gift Game

What is Scratch Card?

It refers to a kind of card sticked a coating that covers words such as numbers, letters, passwords, etc. And it is also called the password-coated card, account card or accounting password card.

Product Applications

There are many varieties of scratch cards, which are widely used in the market. For example, the rewarded scratch cards, peel cards, recharge cards, password cards, consumer coupons, reward point cards, and so on. Generally speaking, custom Scratch off cards can be mainly divided into 3 kinds as follows:

1. Password Scratch Cards

The common applications include echarge cards, telephone cards, learning cards, campus cards, insurance cards, game point cards, Internet cards, etc.

With different passwords printed on password scratch cards’ medium(such as paper, PVC, etc.) taking use of the advanced variable data printing technology, then covered with a coating, the password of each password scratch card can be ensured unique; which makes the activity fair in some extence.

2. Lottery Scratch Cards

Widely used as the scratch reward cards, scratch fun cards, promotional draw cards, and lottery point cards, and have been very good marketing methods for large supermarkets and various product manufacturers.

Such products are generally printed with 200-350g double copper paper, and the scratch area and verification code area are covered with coating.

3. Voucher Scratch Cards

They refer to pick-up cards, activation cards, ticket cards, gift cards, anti-counterfeiting cards, shopping cards, membership cards, etc.

As the emerging products under the modern business model. These cards’ management are convenient and their operation are simple.

Furthermore, it is not easy for such products to be counterfeited or copied, because of their various anti-counterfeiting technologies.

All in all, if you want personalised scratch cards and have some questions about the details, Newbega can help you with that. Click your right “envelope” icon to contact us now for Custom Scratch Off Cards!

custom scratch off cards

Reward Point Card

Merchants launch promotions to encourage customers to earn reward points via these cards. Just login the website, enter the unique reward card number, scratch off the label to get the verification code, then customers will get corresponding reward points to exchange for prizes.

scratch off cards for business

Scratch Off Discount Card

You can design discount scratch cards for your company / store activity, we believe that they can attract a lot of customers to participate in such attractive rewarding activities, and then your present customers can become devoted ones, and a lot of new customers can be brought. 

scratch gift card

Game Store Scratch Cards

Game companies usually sell these cards to increase sales for their websites. Customers can scratch off the label to get the free spins to win the real money. These cards are laminated with two layers of coated paper and soft touch film. 

gift scratch card

Scratch Stickers

The largest express courier in the Philippines puts scratch off stickers on customers’ goods to gain loyal fans. While their customers receive the package, they have a chance to win iPhone and other exciting prizes by scratching off the coating and enter a raffle. So great!

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