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Event Ticket Cards

These are the passes for beauty pageants, different colors are used to distinguish seats at different prices, there is a UV anti-counterfeiting icon in the upper right corner of the pass to identify authenticity. We believe you also appreciate this design very much.

match ticket

Concert Tickets

Concert tickets for well-known bands often sold out quickly, so we have to add a more special hologram to identify the authenticity and protect the interests of the concert organizers. In addition, they can be stored for a long time and are good for fans to collect.

sports tickets

Sports Tickets

Tickets used in the stadium usually have a barcode printed on it, which can be scanned when entering the venue. Internationally, 128 or 39 barcode are usually used. Printing sponsorship information is a win-win.

sightseeing pass

Sightseeing Pass

We must have seen sightseeing pass like Statue of Liberty tickets, it comes with 3 small tickets with barcode, this type of ticket is often used for several different paid sightseeing spots within a huge scenic area.

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Cooperation: FedEx、DHL、UPS、TNT

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About 2 weeks

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Fast Boat: within a month
Slow Boat: about 50 days


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