What is PVC Card?

PVC card, also called plastic card, refers to a card made of PVC material, whose characteristics are light weight, heat insulation, heat preservation, moisture-proof, flame-retardant, and simple production. Sometimes the it can be combined with RFID chip, then becomes a smart RFID PVC card.

 China PVC Cards Suppliers

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  • PVC gift cards 
  • PVC shipping cards 
  • PVC ID cards 
  • PVC badge
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In a word, blank PVC cards with all kinds of printings and crafts become cards with different functions and applications.

Frequency Type Frequency Chip Type Memory Memory Mode Protocol
Low Frequency (LF) 125 KHZ TK4100 64 bits Read Only ISO 7816
EM4200 64 bits
T5577 330 bits Read / Write
EM4305 512 bits 11784 / 11785
High Frequency (HF) 13.56 MHZ
Mifare classic EV1 1K 1024 bytes ISO 14443 A
Mifare classic EV1 4K 4096 bytes
Ultralight EV1 640 bits
Ultralight C 192 bytes
Desfire EV1 2K 2048 bytes
Desfire EV1 4K 4096 bytes
Desfire EV1 8K 8192 bytes
Desfire EV2 2K 2048 bytes
Desfire EV2 4K 4096 bytes
Desfire EV2 8K 8192 bytes
NTAG213 180 bytes
NTAG215 540 bytes
NTAG216 924 bytes
Clone mifare 1K 1024 bytes
ICODE SLI-X 1024 bits ISO 15693
Ultra High Frequency (UHF) 860MHZ~960 MHZ
Chip Type: Alien Higgs-3, Impinj M4QT, Impinj M4QE, Ucode 8, Ucode 9
  1. Advanced production equipment imported from Germany & standard production process;
  2. Brand new PVC material, no recycle material, safe;
  3. High quality printing craft,  not easy to fade;
  4. Various certifications such as CE, RoHS, CNAS, ISO9001, reliable quality;
  5. Short production time: 4-7 days, no worry about long time wait;
  6. Over 20 years factory, one of the most specialized plastic card makers, perfectly restore your design;
  7. Low EXW price, large benefits space;
  8. Long-term cooperated forwarders, no delivery problem…
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