Custom Casino Chips Smart Acrylic Poker Chips for Simpler Settlement at Casinos and Chess & Card Rooms

What are Casino Chips?

Casino chips, with a denomination printed on the surface, are often seen at the casinos bet. In other words, and you can regard them as the temporary substitutes of cash. When you enter the casino, you need to buy chips first before the bet, and when you leave, you can exchange the chips for currency. Why use them? Obviously, a $1,000 chip is far more light weighted and convenient than a wad of dollars.

These chips are made of the acrylic material or clay. Acrylic poker chips are shiny like crystal at the weight of about 7.5g, while clay poker chips contain thin iron pieces inside and are at the weight of about 13.5g.

With the development of the Internet of things, RFID UHF tags can be added inside the chips, and UHF readers installed inside the gaming tables, in which way, the total amount of chips can be quickly calculated. Time saved!

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Product Applications
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Casino Chip

Newbega provides acrylic casino chips for Italian casinos. The surface of the chips can be customized with logos and printed with any denomination. According to our customers’ feedback, the perfect sense of touching matters because it gives guests the better experience. Maybe you can also take it into consideration when designing one. 

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Recreation Room Gambling Chip

It can be more convenient for many owners of chess & card rooms and the poker players to use recyclable poker chips for settlement. As you can see, when friends get together to play pokers it will be cool if they don’t need to pay cash at the end of each round, meanwhile, the owners can also save more energy on casino management.

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Commonly Used Crafts

Newbega offers OEM/OEM service, and you can decorate you cards with all various crafts. Well, you can click the following button to know the magnetic stripe and the other crafts systematically, and choose a perfect combination! Commonly used crafts on these casino chips are silk-screen-printing, offset printing, UV printing, anti-counterfeiting-technology, etc.

Additional Information
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Fast Boat: within a month
Slow Boat: about 50 days

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