Clamshell Card Proximity Card RFID Employee Badge

What is Clamshell Card?

The clamshell card, mainly made of a mixture of ABS or PVC materials with a 3*14mm ID hole punched on the top of it, is a kind of proximity badge, and a 125KHz low frequency RFID chip(such as EM4100, T5577, EM4305, etc.) is embedded in it. 

Chip introduction
  • EM4100, a read only chip with a fixed card number, usually outputs data in Wiegand 26 bits format.
  • Both EM4305 and T5577 are both writable chips, which can customize continuous card numbers.
  • The difference is that the card number of the TK4100 chip is random, and the card number of the EM4305 and T5577 chips is determined by ourselves.

Product Applications

Each chip embedded in it has a unique ID number, the ID number can be printed on the lower right corner or even on the bevel of the card, therefore, these cards can be used for the identity confirmation, and they can also be called the RFID ID cards and RFID employee badges.

The employee can use it as a identification card which can open the office doors or a key card with the employee identity certification printed on it, because the single employee information printed or written on it and the access control function have already been combined into this kind of prox card; or use it for the attendance punch. So useful, isn’t it?

clamshell card used for attendance punch

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3 Application Methods

printed clamshell card
Stick Printed Info onto It

Stick customized stickers with the person and company information printed on these clamshell cards to used them as the business cards or company ID cards which own the door access function. If the user info change, just change the sticker, convenient!

rfid employee badge
Directly Print Info on It

Directly print information on clamshell cards by thermal card printers. And these cards can be used as the access cards and work permits. The direct printing on cards are waterproof, seldom fade as time goes by, and durable than the printed stickers.

rfid id card
Put Info Paper & Prox Card in to a Clear Bag

Put the paper printed info & the clamshell card in a transparent plastic bag with a lanyard to realize the integration of the access control card and the employee card. This way, both the card and the paper are well protected. Besides, the user can hang it around the neck, portable!

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