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What is Combo Card?

Combo card, also called the snap off card, refer to the PVC cards that can be easily snapped off along the die line, which is very perfect to be used as the membership card and gift card. Once die cut to attractive shapes and printed wonderful designs, combo cards will become a good tool to attract more customers for business except its basic role in saving space and increasing work efficiency.

Just snap off it, and one combo card will become several complete key tags, simple and interesting, right? Do you want this kind of plastic combo snap off cards for your business? 

Newbega, a card supplier with over 20 years’ experience in this industry, not only produces and sells the products themselves, but also owns a powerful R&D team, which is the vital base of the continuous technique improvement. Also, it provides technical consulting service and support. 

Furthermore, Newbega offers the customizing service. Our customers can tell us customizing requirements in terms of the function, shape and material of their RFID products. The free sample is available, and you just need to pay the shipping cost for it. Well, don’t wait to contact us, and you will get amazing products!

Product Applications
custom plastic gift card
2 Part Combo Card

A CMYK printing PVC combo card. Combination form: 1 standard size plastic card + 1 key tag with a 5mm hole. Every member of this climbing club owns a piece of that smaller membership card with the hole punch while the larger one is kept by the club for backup. Clever!

custom plastic card company
3 Up Key Tags

3 part membership card. Combination form: Three connected key tags form a CR80 standard card, the same size as a credit card. Break it apart, and you can get 3 seperated pieces of member cards, and issue them to 3 members. Convenient!

personalized plastic cards
CR80 with 2 Up Keytags

A RFID white combo 2 up PVC key tag, also the membership card for buyer authorization. Combination form: 1 standard size PVC card + 2 key tags. Overall Dimension: 2-1/8″ x 5-3/8″. It is the neccessary membership card for the tobacco wholesaler to distribute its products to his distributors. Distributors can purchase order here only if when the barcodes matches with that larger key tag kept at that wholesale’s hand. 

custom printed plastic cards
Die Cut Card

A high quality plastic prepaid gift card with an euro hook added to and the customized pattern printed on. Combination form: Two standard cards form one big card. Customers with this card can enjoy the discount and directly pay for the pet supplies they like with the amount in this card. When the gift amount is used out, the cashier will leave the lower part of this card. Convenient!

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