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wine tasting ic card

Wine Tasting Card

Many wine companies like Gideon Owen use contact IC loyalty or gift cards. Customers can directly buy wine from the self-service wine machine with such a prepaid card. Just operate according to the the operation process printed on the card. So simple! Attention please! It can only be used by people over the age of 21.

gas station ic card

Gas Station IC Card

The contact IC chip gas station cards are also common. You can recharge your gas cards, then refuel the car by ourselves. No need to wait for others to serve for you. Time and labor can be saved. Excellent! Meanwhile, sometime you may get a discount when recharging cards, or geting some freebies given by the gas station. What a surprise!

electricity ic card

Prepaid Electric Meter Card

Many residents use IC electricity cards to supply the daily home electricity. Just insert the IC card provided by the power supply company into the meter slot, the meter auto reads the balance in the card, and begins to supply electricity according to your balance and supply standard. If the meter shows that power is insufficient, you can recharge your card and reinsert it in the meter slot, and your balance on the meter will be updated, then the power supply get normal again.

natural gas ic card

Natural Gas Prepayment Card

The natural gas IC card is almost the same as the electricity meter IC card. Open the cover of the meter, find the position of the slot, and insert the IC card into it. The card balance on the natural gas meter will be read within 5 seconds. If the card balance is insufficient, you can make the recharge online, and insert the card into the meter slot again to update the card balance record on the natural gas meter. Otherwise, the natural gas company will refuse to continue supplying natural gas.

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Cooperation: FedEx、DHL、UPS、TNT

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About 2 weeks

By Sea

Fast Boat: within a month
Slow Boat: about 50 days


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