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Product Applications
3 track magnetic stripe

2750 Oe Magnetic Stripe Cards for Insurance

When employers in New Zealand buy travel insurance for seasonal workers, insurers give them a magnetic stripe card that can be redeemed back to their home country in the event of a sudden death or a life-threatening event related to a relative.

2750oe magnetic stripe card

Magnetic Stripe Cards for Retail Stores

When the company holds certain activities, it will issue magnetic stripe cards to employees as gift cards, and employees can go to the corresponding retail store to swipe the card to buy their favorite products at cheap price or totally free. 

magnetic stripe card manufacturer

Narrow Magnetic Stripe Cards for Tourist Resort

BALLENISLES launched a membership package, full golf membership can swipe the magnetic card to access the golf & tennis lessons and spa & salon facilities. Besides, they can go to the member office to re-apply even if their cards are lost. Convenient, right?

Production Process

Printing, including offset printing, silk screen printing, or hybrid. According to personalization, add signature strip, UV, part of matte or frosted effect.


Lamination will be after adding the magnetic strip, this step will confirm the thickness of the card, such as 12 mil, 18 mil, 30 mil, 34 mil, etc.

magnetic stripe card die cutting

Die cutting, standard card (CR80) automatic punching, and non-standard card will use this manual method. Punching holes of various shapes according to requirements will be achieved at this step.

magnetic stripe card quality inspection

Fully automatic quality inspection. Pick out dirty spots on the card surface, oil leakage spots, misplaced punching, inclined or bent magnetic strips, obvious scratches and other defective products.

magnetic stripe card encoding machine

After the first quality inspection is completed, we can choose to program data in the magnetic stripe track, or add other crafts, such as barcodes, scratches, and embossed codes. Then the second quality inspection, packaging, and ship.

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