Affordable Custom Membership Cards for Salon Club

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Product Applications
wine club membership card

Wine Club Membership Card

It is wonderful for wine lovers to own it and become members of the winery.

basketball club membership card

Basketball Club Membership Card

You can issue membership cards to loyal fans of your basketball club, and they can use this card to get discounts from your partners.

ski season pass card

Ski Season Pass Card

For season tickets, plastic cards will be more durable than paper tickets, and we can print photos of snow field on the card for identification.

pvc rfid card

Beauty Center Membership Card

Beautiful Membership cards help if beauty centers’ owners want to increase the trust of long-term clients and attract more potential clients.

By Express

3~7 days
Cooperation: FedEx、DHL、UPS、TNT

By Air

About 2 weeks

By Sea

Fast Boat: within a month
Slow Boat: about 50 days


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