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As we know, some objects are common in a hotel such as the hotel key card and the hotel door hanger hung on the door handle. Generally speaking, door hangers are made of plastic or paper material, and are also often used in retail stores, restaurants, and gyms, except hotels.

As the first object to catch our attention and show us something imprtant when we see the door, it can also be called the door knob hanger and the door sign hanger. For example, we often see door hangers in hotels, which are used to show the state of customers. If the guests are resting, we will see the “do not disturb” door hanger; if they go out or need housekeeping services, the door hanger will be changed to the “service please” one. 

A well designed plastic door hanger can not only be durable, show basic important information the customers and stuff should pay attention to, deliver the hotel culture and promote the hotel image; but also be used as the advertising tool for business, which may bring potential clients. 

Very useful, right? Newbega will offer you suitable personalized customizing door hangers to help your business according to your design, tap your right “envelope” icon to contact us and start your customizing journey now!

custom plastic door hangers

Hotel Do Not Disturb Door Hanger

Every hotel needs door hangers, which ensures the client not disturbed by waiters during rest. When the client needs housekeeping services, just show the “service please” side on the back of the door hanger.

advertising door hanger

Advertising Door Hanger

Print attractive advertising information on the door hanger to get more traffic, expand brand awareness, and win more potential business cooperation chances.

pvc door hangers

Round Hanger

It looks like a CD, and its special design is even more impressive than CD, which can help brands gain more exposure. Hang it on the door, many hotel residents can notice it and become client customers.  

custom hotel door hangers

Large Size Door Hanger

Bigger size, more eye-catching. Use bed and pillows as design patterns, then print them on the door hangers of the hotel, what a good idea! Intuitive pictures can seize people’s eyes easier. 

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