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What is Gift Card?

They refers to It refers to a voucher or prepaid card for consumption at a designated merchant within the validity period. And it is usually used for employee benefits, business gifts, holiday gifts, etc. The recipients can use these cards for buying the gifts on the certain occasion.

Are you seeking a reputed supplier for plastic gift cards? Rely on New Bega to meet your expectations. We are one of the top market players with a proven track record. We have hands-on experience in designing and manufacturing different types of PVC cards for all types of enterprises.

At New Bega, our professional team of designers and printers work closely with clients to cater to their plastic gift cards using top-of-the-line materials. These custom plastic gift cards are the perfect blend of unmatched quality, outstanding creativity, and technological advancement and create the first impression on the guests.

Our custom-printed plastic gift cards are manufactured using advanced engineering embedded with cutting-edge RFID technology and provide promising durability and functionality without any maintenance.

At NewBega, our custom plastic gift cards for businesses are available in various beautiful designs, colors, shapes, and sizes. As a reputed plastic gift card manufacturer, we ensure our manufactured tailored PVC gift items are built for longer. These are easy to use, convenient sizes to carry in the pocket, and safe from daily wear and tear such as water, dust, and scratches.

Our plastic gift card printing items are in massive demand in various industries from spas to hotels, restaurants, retail stores, bars, and nightclubs. Offering these cards to the guests can boost foot traffic, and create a long-lasting memorable experience to enhance their chance to visit again your business premises.

As a renowned plastic gift card manufacturer, we can take any bulk order for your business projects, and timely delivery is guaranteed. We can help you strengthen your long-lasting relationship through our custom-printed plastic gift cards. Our professionals help you from start to finish fulfilling your tailored gift items beyond expectations.

Product Applications

Its detailed applications are as follows: 

  • Used in companies to show care for employees.
  • Used in shops to raise sales.
  • Used in holidays such as Christmas to deliever Christmas greetings via Christmas gift card.

Newbega, a professional cards factory for over 20 years, produced more than 10 million cards in 2021, and can meet your needs no matter what kind of business you run, a small store or a huge supermarket.

At Newbega, we have a good reputation on providing our clients with the cards at affordable price and high quality. We guarantee that your cards will be made according to your design with 100% accuracy.

Need to buy gift cards? Don’t hesitate to contact us! Or you want to directly buy boxed gift cards? You can also have a look at our card carriers here to pick your preferred ones. And we would really appreciated if we can have the opportunity to serve you!

digital gift cards

Retail Store Bulk Gift Cards

Tell customers the location and running range of the store to help brand promotion. For Example, people who received Road Runner’s custom plastic gift cards would find that this store runs running must-haves, sportswear solutions, and fitness equipment. If card receivers happen to be a sports lover, then this retail store will be on their purchasing destination list!

free gift cards

Jewelry Store Plastic Gift Card

Ringshop attracted many customers & increased its store’s revenue via plastic gift cards for small business. People can get some gifts such as the accessories, rings, earrings and more with its cards. If they love these gifts and other products at this store, they would want more and decide to buy some. Furthermore, they may keep following this store and become a regular customer.

gift card online

Online Gift Card

Users can scratch the coating on it to get the redemption code to get discounts at any time. You can use your gift discount card to make full, or partial payments. Your desired amount will be deducted from your card and the remaining balance will be displayed on your receiption.

chain store gift card

Perfect Chain Store Gift Card

Employees of brand chain stores cooperated company can use it at any store of the same brand. Or you can purchase one from website or store in any other country. However, these cards can only be used to purchase eligible goods and services as provided in terms and conditions.

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