Newbega Best NFC Cards RFID PVC Smart Cards for Business & Access Control

What is PVC Smart Card?

It refers to the card with a RFID chip which enables that card owns addtional intelligent functions such as auto payment, access control, identity identification, etc., except the functions the card itself has. 

This PVC smart card with RFID, also called the PVC chip card, RFID smart card, smart card NFC, or NFC contact card, is made of PVC material and it can be customized into all kinds of designs with various crafts optional.

pvc smart card
rfid chip

Newbega, founded in 2000, is a specialized RFID card supplier for over 20 years. It engaged in RFID products such as RFID cards and RFID tags which are widely used in various fields like telecommunication, transportation, tourism, livestock, finance, medical and insurance. With years’ reputation culmulation, it has a large number of loyal customers worldwide.

Besides, Newbega can offer all kinds of customizing services, including the shapes, materials, and surface customizing. By the way, if you need blank PVC cards with chip, NFC embedded business cards, or programmable RFID cards, Newbega can also saitisfy your demand.

  • Shape options: round, square, trapezoid
  • Material options: PVC, PET, PC, PETG, Teslin, Epoxy, ABS
  • Surface options: glossy finish, matte finish, frosted finish

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Commonly used contactless chips

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Frequency TypeFrequencyChip TypeMemoryMemory ModeProtocol
Low Frequency (LF)125 KHZTK410064 bitsRead OnlyISO 7816
EM420064 bits
T5577330 bitsRead / Write
EM4305512 bits11784 / 11785
High Frequency (HF)13.56 MHZ
Mifare classic EV1 1K1024 bytesISO 14443 A
Mifare classic EV1 4K4096 bytes
Ultralight EV1640 bits
Ultralight C192 bytes
Desfire EV1 2K2048 bytes
Desfire EV1 4K4096 bytes
Desfire EV1 8K8192 bytes
Desfire EV2 2K2048 bytes
Desfire EV2 4K4096 bytes
Desfire EV2 8K8192 bytes
NTAG213180 bytes
NTAG215540 bytes
NTAG216924 bytes
Clone mifare 1K1024 bytes
ICODE SLI-X1024 bitsISO 15693
Ultra High Frequency (UHF)860MHZ~960 MHZ
Chip Type: Alien Higgs-3, Impinj M4QT, Impinj M4QE, Ucode 8, Ucode 9
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