PVC Smart Card

Newbega offers a wide range of RFID smart cards. We source chips directly from NXP China’s top agent. With 20 years of card production experience, we provide competitive pricing and quality assurance.

Use the PVC smart card produced by Newbega to bring a more intelligent experience to your business or company. Our PVC smart card can be used in most scenarios, hotels, access control, information equipment, and transportation. Provide more efficient services while ensuring information security.

Choose the right pvc card printer to customize high-quality pvc cards for yourself, which will bring positive benefits to your enterprise and business territory. Newbega is willing to contribute its greatest strength to you when you need pvc print card to express our sincerity.

Our production equipment and chips are updated in real time, always catching up with the best quality products. Contact us now to get discounted prices. Call:  +86-755-8671-6189  |  Email: [email protected]

NXP MIFARE DESFire EV1 2K card $0.93~$1.2

Mifare Desfire EV1 4K NXP chip $0.93~$1.2

Desfire EV1 8K contactless chip $0.93~$1.2

Desfire EV3 2K blank white cards $0.99~$1.26

Desfire EV3 4K blank chip cards $0.99~$1.26

Mifare Desfire EV3 8K contactless chip blank white cards $0.99~$1.26

Mifare Ultralight EV1 48bytes blank white cards $0.095~$0.13

NXP Mifare Ultralight C contactless chip blank white cards $0.13~$0.19

Mifare classic 1K contactless chip blank white cards $0.29~$0.4

Mifare 4K NXP contactless chip blank white cards $0.46~$0.55

FUDAN 1K contactless chip blank white plastic cards

FUDAN 4K contactless chip blank white plastic cards

NTAG213 144bytes for plastic NFC business cards

NTAG215 contactless chip blank white plastic NFC cards for Amiibo

NTAG216 888 bytes large capacity NFC cards

NTAG424 DNA cards with high security and enhanced features.


EM4305 125KHz read-only contactless chip blank cards


T5577 Clamshell card HID proximity card RFID employee badge


EM4200 125KHz read-only contactless chip blank cards


125KHz read-only EM4100 with 18-digit card number printing

FUDAN 1K with a HICO 2750oe magnetic stripe cards

NXP Mifare Ultralight contactless chip blank white card

issi 4442

ISSI 4442 cards commonly used for self-service alcohol purchases

pvc smart card

ISSI4428 is a versatile smart card chip with robust functionality

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