RFID Blocking Cards & RFID Sleeves to Protect Your all Credit Cards in Wallet Credit Card Shield

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RFID Protection Shield Blocking Card

One plastic card with RFID blocking function can protect your whole wallet and keep your property safe. No need to worry about your credit card being swiped without noticing.

credit card sleeve

RFID Credit Card Protector Sleeves

Put your credit cards in these RFID credit card sleeves, no card readers can read them without your permission. These RFID card sleeves are as thin and light as A4 paper, takes up almost no space. Wonderful!

rfid passport sleeve

Passport RFID Sleeves

Put your passport in this RFID protection sleeve, no one can steal your privacy without your permission. It is made of metal foil, which can completely shield RFID signals. Besides, it is waterproof. Great RFID theft protection, right?

blocking rfid

Paper Credit Card Protection Sleeves

The exterior of these bank card protector sleeves are made of paper, you can choose any color you like, and print the beautiful patterns and logos on it. With these sleeves, you cards can be well decorated and protected. Such a convenient credit card scan protection tool!

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3~7 days
Cooperation: FedEx、DHL、UPS、TNT

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About 2 weeks

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Fast Boat: within a month
Slow Boat: about 50 days


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