Custom Plastic Table Tent Cards for Restaurant Store Hotel

What are Tent Cards?

Tent cards, with some basic information, kind tips, and even the menu, usually seen at the hotels, restaurants, stores, etc, are similar to the reminder signs. Table Tents are generally made of plastic or paper (with the plastic shell), and they are waterproof, dust-proof, drop resistant, and oil-proof.  They look simple and elegant because of good designs printed on them.   

Compared with ordinary flat PVC cards, table tents, erected to the three-dimensional structure, can greatly decrease the card information’ reading difficulty. The making method is also simple, just create a PVC printed card, bend it to the desired angle (usually at 30° or 60°) using a specific tool, then a plastic tent is complete. 

Product Applications

Table tents can be combined with the NFC chips and become smart NFC table tents. If you want to know more details about this store, restaurant, hotel, etc, you can directly put your NFC-enabled mobile phone close to this NFC table tent, the URL will pop up, you can enter this URL to check the introduction about this merchant instead of specifically asking someone about it. So easy!

Well, how to write the URL into the NFC chip? Simple! The NFC Tools APP can help you. If you need to write URLs for each of your cards in batches, Newbega can help you with our NFC reader. Want to know more about Newbega? Click your right “envelope” icon to contact us now~

table top tents
Restaurant Table Tents

Table tents standing out on the table can help restaurant servers quickly locate the corresponding seat. Customers just need to wait at their seats after placing an order, the servers will bring the meals to their seats orderly, which makes customers queue easier at Jason’s Deli. 

printable table tents
Store Tent Cards

Table tents with the payment code printed or pasted on them support the online payment. Customers can finish payment quickly with their smart phones after purchasing the goods. No need to carry cash with them or worry about the counterfeit money.

custom table tents
Table Tents for Resorts and SPA

During holidays, resorts and spas often need to be booked in advance. At this time, a table tent printed with “Reserved” is very necessary. We don’t have to worry about disputes due to location issues and the communication costs will be reduced.

print tent cards
Hotel Table Tents

You can usually see the table tents at the hot spring hotels rooms. They are used to remind guests. For example, to remind them don’t take the towels upon their departure, or to let them know the detailed charged items in advance by list them on the table tents.

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