Newbega Elegant Wood Card for Business Gifts Visiting

Wood Card Introduction

Wood card, made of all kinds of wood materials, can be used as different functional cards as follows:

  • Wood business cards (wooden business cards)
  • Wooden wedding cards
  • Wooden visiting card / Wooden invitation card
  • Wooden christmas cards / Wooden valentines card / Wooden greeting cards
  • Wooden gift card…

In a word, these cards are popular because of their unique appearance and feel. Need the cards customizing service? Click the following “Inquire Now” button to contact us!

Product Applications
wooden holiday cards

Wooden VIP Card

Sarova hotel uses wooden card as the VIP membership card. The payment at any Sarova hotel, resort or game lodges, will be credited as points to your account. This small wooden card with a hole can be put together with the key, and you will never worry about its loss,  which is very convenient and can increase the display times, thus the visibility of the hotel will also be increased.

personalised wooden cards

Wooden Ticket Card

WB, a company from Belgium, uses wooden cards as the scenic tickets. Tourists can quickly access their 3 favorite attractions of the day holding this card. This card is made of the unique black walnut. It is laser engraved and printed, beautiful and can be kept as a souvenir. Even it is discarded, it can be degraded naturally as time goes by, and the environment will not be polluted. 

real wood business card

Bamboo NFC Business Cards

The bamboo smart card is usually used as a business card by many CEOs working in the wood industry. The NFC chip in this card stores their personal information. Others can use an NFC-enabled phone to get close to the card to get and save contact information. Furthermore, compared with NFC metal cards, smart bamboo cards are more sensitive with no interference from metal. Very Convenient!

Partial Production Equipment Display
manuscript design

No designer? Don’t worry, we can provide with design services according to your company brand. If you have a vector logo, we can make it perfect on a wooden card.

wood processing

Using the natural high-quality wood, environmentally friendly and formaldehyde free. Then cut and process these cards into suitable shapes.

laser engraving wooden card

Laser cut or engrave the cards into the exact same pattern according to the drawing, using the fully automatic intelligent equipment. Highly efficient and orderly.

wooden card polishing

Polishing. The wood thorns on the edge of the wooden card may easily hurt hands. This equipment is used to polishing the card, and ensure the wooden card smooth.

silk screen wood card

Silk screen equipment. The colorful patterns on the wooden card are usually completed by it. We recommend the pattern color highly distinct from the wood color.

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