Product Name: RFID Garment Tags


RFID Garment Tags is designed for apparel industry to track apparel in warehouses and in retail shops. The main material of this tag is paper, which is printable and customizable both in shape and size.

Implementation of RFID apparel tags based on inventory system facilitate the work of checking in-stock data, picking and tracking delivery from warehouse to retail shops, inventory tracking, out-stock status and inventory replenishment, etc.

RFID apparel tags bring great convenience for collecting circulation data from each step of the supply chain, and hugely improve the consumer experience. Integration with point of sale and billing systems, RFID garment tags can result in significant cost savings for clothes retailers.

1. Product Name: RFID Clothes Tag
2. Material: PVC + Paper
3. Delivery Status: Rolls
4. Frequency: 860-960MHz(ISO/IEC 18000-6C, EPC Class1 Gen2)
5. Chip: Alien/H3, other chip available for customization
6. Operating Temperature/Humidity: -10~60℃/20%~60%RH

1. Printable, can be printed in the same way as traditional clothes tag, can print personalized patterns, LOGO, text and so on, per customer’s artwork.
2. Size is customizable.
3. Good reading performance.
4. Programmable.

1. Mainly used for clothes, shoes, bags, hats and similar products for showing brand, model number, material, price, and other necessary information.
2. Anti-counterfeiting. RFID tag is offering each item a unique ID, which enable brand retailers, agents, customers to recognize the item is fake or not, greatly protect brand owner’s profit and saving manual cost and after-sales trouble.
3. Warehouse storage checking and exact item locating. UHF chip enable multi-items attached with apparel tags to be identified and at the same time.