Product Name: RFID Glass Tags


RFID glass tag is a small injectable RFID transponder with long reading distance for animal tagging. It is designed to be implanted into skin of small animals by syringe, which allows the animal to be identified by an RFID scanner.

It is produced with non-toxic medical standard material, no harm to animals. Most pet owners will choose to implant the tag when doing sterilization surgery for the pet, so the pet will not have any feeling for the syringe.

1. Product Name: RFID Glass Tag
2. Material: Biochemical Glass Tube
3. Frequency: 125KHz/134KHz
4. Supported Standards: ISO11784/11785
5. Chip: EM4102, EM4200, EM4305, Hitag® S, ATA5575M1, ATA5575M2, ATA5577, Q5, other chip available on request.
6. Protocol: FDX-B
7. Dimension: Φ1.25*7mm,Φ1.4*8.5mm,Φ1.5*8mm,Φ2.12*8mm, Φ2.12*12, Φ3*15mm, Φ3*18mm, Φ4*20mm
8. Reading distance: Up to 5 cm, 7cm maximum
9. Weight: 4 gram
10. Color: Translucent
11. Technique: Sealing by sintering glass tube
12. Installing: By syringe

1. Best performance to size ratio, very small, but with good reading distance.
2. Medical Standard Material, bio-compatible glass encapsulation.
3. Withstands exposure to: Water, Alcohol, ammonium chloride 25%, fuel B, HCL 10%, salt water.
4. Possibility to inject the tag under the skin, compliant with ISO11784/11785 standard.
5. Suitable for applications in metal environment.
6. Convenient to install and deploy covertly.
7. Unchangeable UID before delivery.

1. Pet or high value animal management, like: fish, dogs, cats and other pet management.
2. Game and Wild life management.
3. Laboratory identification of lab mouse, mice & rat instead of ear tags.
4. Scientific research and studies of animal populations.
5. Be easily inserted or molded into a variety of materials.