Prelaminated inlays HF

Product Description Newbega’s prepressed inlays are designed specifically with the card manufacturer in mind. The inlay is engineered to remove process difficulties and offer an exceptional product. We make the card manufacturer’s job easier without sacrificing quality.
Design & Applications Prelaminated inlays are suitable for use in the production of ISO standard cards. Newbega uses a proprietary manufacturing process to produce its prelaminated inlays. Wire embedding and / or coil winding technologies are used depending on suitability. Our inlays are very robust and boast unequaled torsion / bending characteristics, extreme durability and optimized read / write performance. The inlays have a completely flat finish and bring numerous benefits to card manufacturers. Our prelaminated inlay is essentially a semi-finished product, so that the card manufacturer merely needs to collate his printed sheets with the inlay and laminate the “sandwich”.
Feature: Very reliable and robust plastic package High reading distance optimized to each chip Materials: PVC, PETG, PC Color: white or transparent Possibility of combining two and more different chip technologies in one prelaminated sheet Different sheet formats are available 1 × 5, 2 × 5, 3 × 6, 3 × 7, 3 × 8, 3 × 10, 4 × 10 up to 640 × 520 mm, others upon request Based on specific customer requests, our antenna design allows us to position an antenna on the sheet layout along the embedding of contact chip module without any interference from the RFID antenna. This is what we call the hybrid card, which combines contactless and contact chip technology into one card. Examples of application 1.Physical access 2.Logical access 3.Public transport 4.City card 5.Student card 6.e-purse systems
Available chip technologies: Other ICs are available upon request.


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