Product Name: RFID Nail Tags


RFID Nail Tag is a RFID Transponder in nail shape. Encapsulated with ABS material, this nail tag is rust-resistant in wet and chemical environment, it is a perfect way for wood tracking. Designed with ferrite core, the tag has very good reading distance.

It is suitable for mounting in cement products, precast, plastic products, trees and other non-metallic items. It is a new RFID tag widely applied in the surface of cement, plastic, wood and other non-metallic items. It can be encapsulated with LF, HF or UHF chip according to real application requirement.

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Specifications: 1. Product Name: RFID Nail Tag 2. Material: ABS 3. Frequency: 13.56MHz, 125KHz, 915MHz 4. Chip: NXP I-Code SLI, TK4100, EM4200, and EM4100 ICs. etc. 5. Dimension: Φ8mm*36.5mm(±0.5),Φ23mm*40.5mm(±0.5) 6. Reading distance: 1-3mm(depending on reading device) 7. Working Temperature: -40~85℃ 8. Installing: Drill & Thwack 9. Weight: 2g

Feature: 1. Made of robust ABS material, strong, durable, dose not fade. 2. It is small, but with good reading performance. 3. Waterproof, moisture-proof, rust-resistant, shockproof, anti-corrosion. 4. Big cap or small cap are available for choice.

Application: 1. Tree population monitoring, wood tracking, pallet tracking, logistic & inventory management, security inspection, packaging, vehicle identification, agricultural machinery management. 2. Use in the production lines, for quality control purposes, or to identify the individual components. 3. Racking products in transit, between each check point or at changes in transport for pallet deliveries, etc. 4. Non-metallic materials management, military packaging, packaging and labeling, park management, asset identification management system.